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  • May 14th, 2015

    May 14, 2015: Guest Post:
    Jackie Robinson: A Letter to the President

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:27 pm in Baseball,BBA,Guest Post | Comment (1)

    Fellow Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) member Stephen of Pastime Post offered this article to whomever wished to post it on their website.

    I am so very glad he did. It is worth the read. Enjoy.

    Jackie Robinson: A Letter to the President by Stephen C. Jordan

    I have lived in New England for the majority of my years, and have been a baseball fan since I can remember. As a kid I voraciously read any sports history I could get my hands on. In the 1970s, I would check out all the baseball and football history books in the elementary and junior high school libraries I could get my hands on, and routinely trudge through the snow in holey sneakers with a sack on my back filled with sports books. (How did we ever live without the Internet?) I would keep many of the books far past the due dates-some would never make it back to the school libraries. (I was such a little rebel geek.) I would digest baseball statistics for hours at length, and would happily lose myself in historical baseball stories learning the legend of many of the diamond’s greatest historical figures. The Babe was of course larger than life, Cobb’s villainism seemed surreal and the courage and strength of Jackie Robinson was beyond inspirational. Read more…

    May 13th, 2015

    Red Sox 2, Oakland 9:
    I guess 3 in a row was too much to ask..

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:15 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | Comment (1)

    …at least in wins, anyway. In losses, the Sox have NO problem getting 3 or more in a row..

    And I see that Justin Masterson didn’t think his 6+ ERA was QUITE high enough, with the shelling he received last night. Love the guy, but as I said in the offseason when Ben signed him–did we REALLY need another #4 or 5 pitcher, when we already have 4 of them???

    His line: 2 1/3 IP, giving up 6 runs on 6 hits (including TWO homers while walking 1 and striking out 1. He threw 57 pitches, 30 for strikes. Read more…

    May 5th, 2015

    Red Sox 1, Tampa Bay 5:
    Well, THIS has the Air of the Familiar…

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:38 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | Comment (1)

    What is that now? 32? 34 losses in a row? It feels like they haven’t won in forever, even tho it’s only the last 4 in a row—although they have lost the last 7 of 10–and are, once again, DEAD LAST in the AL East…with a 12-14 record–Holy Hell, haven’t we played this riff already????

    And…Once again, That Clay person was a hot mess (in more ways than one), giving up 5 runs on 9 hits in 6 1/3 innings worth of work. With a 1-4 record and a 6.03 ERA, not to mention SEVEN previous years of CRAP–doesn’t he have enough of a body of work for the Sox to trade him? Somewhere? I am sure they could use an extra bag of balls–and maybe some gum or something….

    Here is the rest of his line: 107 pitches, 67 for strikes, one homer, 2 walks and 7 strikeouts. And he hasn’t won a game since Opening Day.

    Outstanding… Read more…

    April 27th, 2015

    Red Sox 7, Oreos 18:

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:56 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | Comment (1)

    Yes, I understand that ending April at .500 is acceptable behavior, as teams are still trying to find their way, often battling drastic weather changes and getting into the groove of the season. I get it. But holy hell, going from winning 2 out of 3, to LOSING 2 out of 3, taxing their bullpen to the extreme, and mostly complete and utter CRAP pitching from the starting 5 (But That Clay Person has actually been ok–how freaking ironic is that????)

    Apparently, Wade Miley decided to channel his famous counterpart (minus the twerking, hopefully), because there is no other explanation for the suckage that was yesterday’s outing. 57 pitches, 247 for strikes in 2 1/3 innings where he gave up 7 runs (6 earned) on 5 hits while walking 2 and striking out 0. Which gives him a nifty 8.62 ERA. Blech.

    And since we are spreading the blame around: Note to management: I know you brought Hembree up to ease the load for the bullpen–but I’m thinking 6 runs while only getting 4 outs is not exactly what you had in mind. Should have called someone else up…or kept Barnes in the bigs…. Read more…

    April 15th, 2015

    Red Sox 8, Nationals 7:
    A Win is a Win…

    Posted by Christine E. at 1:01 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | Comments (2)

    No matter how freaking ugly it may be…

    Thankfully, the Sox have some bashers this year, cause they were needed in this contest to pick up Justin Masterson (and his 7.59 ERA), who couldn’t make it out of the 5th inning.

    The rest of his line: 4.2 IP, 8 runs (7 earned) on 7 hits, while walked 7 (!!) and struck out 3. He threw 93 pitches, 52 for strikes, and was not part of the decision…

    This one had everything, a balk (Masterson) a wild pitch (Tazawa) and 5 hit batsmen. It got so bad that in the 7th inning, the Sox were able to get the win without even hitting the ball.

    But the Sox have won their 3rd series out of 3 this year, and with any luck, will get the sweep this afternoon… Read more…

    April 13th, 2015

    Red Sox 4, Skanks 14:
    OK. Can we FINALLY end this nonsense…

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:32 pm in Baseball,BBA,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | No Comments

    Once and for all???

    Please knock it off with the “oh, it’s going to be better, and he is going to be consistent and not be a headcase and laity blah…”

    Last night was absolute and utter CRAP–and oh so typical Clay Buchholz. Completely brilliant in one start, and beyond abysmal in the next.

    Let’s look at this, shall we?

    Opening Day: 7 IP, 0 runs on 3 hits while walking 1 and striking out 9. He threw 94 pitches, 65 for strikes.

    Last night: 3.1 IP, 10 runs (9 earned) on 9 hits (including 3 homers), while walking 2 and striking out 3. He threw 79 pitches, 50 for strikes… Read more…

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