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  • June 20th, 2016

    Red Sox 2, Seattle 1:
    Too Many Black Dots…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:41 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | No Comments

    With my Graduation done, the end of the school year for my daughter, and the various and sundry life happenings in the home office of Boston Red Thoughts, I haven’t been watching as much as I should.

    Although in terms of the win/loss column, it appears I am not missing much. 5-5 in their last 10 games, blowing a perfectly good chance to put some distance between them and the freaking cookies, who are currently 1 game ahead of them in the AL East.

    Fortunately, the Skanks still suck (still under .500 and 6.5 games back, and Tampa Bay sucks even more (also under .500 and 8.5 games back)

    But holy hell, there is just 8.5 games separating worst and first, with 94 games to go. This could still be anyone’s ballgame.

    Dave Dombrowski NEEDS to do something about the pitching, because even with the transcendental offense, this team does not have it takes to get to and stay at the dance… Read more…

    June 8th, 2016

    Red Sox 5, Giants 3, in 10:
    Mookie Betts…Bunter?

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:30 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | No Comments

    Of course, there appears to be little that Mookie Betts CANNOT do, but this is the guy that hit FIVE homers last week–in TWO days. In a Row. But last night, when he needed to get on base, John Farrell has him bunt to do so. And it worked, setting the table for Xander to hit a single and score not only Mookie, but also Marco Hernandez to win the contest in 10 innings.

    Ric Porcello certainly pitched well enough to win, but the offense not being able to get things going until the extra frame, his 8th win is going to have to wait. His line: 6 IP, giving 3 runs on 5 hits (including a homer), while walking 1 and striking out 6. He threw 93 pitches, 6 for strikes.

    So John Farrell has decided not to let either That Clay Person OR Joe Kelly be a starter right now, opting to keep a 4-man rotation for the time being. Therefore, Buchholz stays in the bullpen, and Joe Kelly stays in Pawtucket, where he was banished immediately following his horribly abysmal start (7 runs on 7 hits while walking 3 and striking out 1–in less than 3 innings–2.1 to be exact) Read more…

    May 26th, 2016

    Red Sox 10, Colorado 3:
    Another Good Knuckleball Start…

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:27 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | No Comments

    I personally love having a knuckleballer in the rotation. Yes, they can swing between throwing a no-hitter to giving up 7 runs in a third of an inning. And the lame-ass jokes (Hey! you know how to catch a knuckleball? Wait until it stops rolling and go pick it up) can get tiring, especially when you hear them a BILLION TIMES. But there is just something fun and quirky about the pitch that so very few hurlers can master. And Tim Wakefield was one of my favorite Red Sox players. EVER, so there is that as well…

    And it is especially nice to see Steven Wright being so successful now, and last night was no exception. His line for last night’s contest: 7 IP giving up 3 runs (2 earned) on 7 hits while walking 2 and striking out 7. He threw 117 pitches, 74 for strikes. And while his 4-4 is not super impressive, he has a 2.52 ERA, and has 54 strikeouts in 9 games–and average of 6 strikeouts is impressive, as is the fact that he has only given up THREE homers this year…

    And he has had two complete games in 2016. TWO. So far. He is rapidly moving into 3rd starter territory, which is WAY cool. And I know, the next outing he could get completely shelled, but I think this guy is the real deal. And holy hell, he’s better than That Clay Person. A LOT better…. Read more…

    May 24th, 2016

    May 24, 2016:
    9 Red Thoughts a 1/4 of the Way Through.

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:41 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | No Comments

    So the Sox are about 25% through the season (give or take a game or three), and with the off-day, I figured a Top 9 List would be fitting. These are in no particular order, it’s just a list of 9…Here we go:

    1) So the Sox are tied with the Cookies for first place in the AL East, and hold the 2nd best win % in the AL, and 3rd in all of MLB. How the frack are the Cubbies holding onto a win % near SEVEN HUNDRED (.674). With that, they are on pace to win 109 games, which is not only in the top 3 of modern W-L records (Seattle with (inexplicably) 116 in 2001, and the Skanks with 114 in 1998. Could a Red Sox/Cubs World Series actually happen in my lifetime?

    2) That Clay Person Needs.To.Go. NOW. Honestly, he is like the anti-Josh Beckett (well, re-2011, anyway) Remember when Josh would go out and pitch, and we would be all shocked when he actually lost? That is Buchholz is reverse. Every time he is on the mound, unless the Sox score a crap-ton of runs, he has a bad inning, misses his pitches, can’t locate his fastball, tries to be too fine, blah blah blah…and the end result is 2-4 with a 5.92 ERA. While there are a number of other starters who have not so wonderful ERA’s (David Price’s icky 5.53), he also has 6 wins, and 70 strikeouts in 55.1 innings. That Clay Person? 35 strikeouts in 51.2 innings. Oh, and Clay has given up an average of 1 homer per outing (9 in 9 starts) in 2016–compared to David Prices 1/2 of a homer (5 in 9 starts).

    Blech… Read more…

    May 16th, 2016

    Red Sox 10, Astros 9:
    Happy Birthday, Boston Red Thoughts!

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:25 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | No Comments

    brtrecip-2007051.jpgI’m a day late, as yesterday was the official 10-year anniversary of the start of Boston Red Thought, but with a weekend full of my daughter’s dance first dance recital, life happens…

    So yes, 10 years ago yesterday I started this journey, and I never thought in a million years that I would still be doing this 10 years later, through 2 World Series Wins, The arrival of my daughter, Graduate School, and the million and one other things that make up the life and times of Christine E.

    Also, the experiences I have had, and the friends I have made over the years, are countless and immeasurable as to how they have enriched my life, and are a HUGE reason as to why I have kept at this so long.

    And finally, to those of your who take the time to read and comment on the Blog, Facebook and Twitter pages, YOU are the other HUGE reason why I keep doing what I do. Thank you. Can’t promise another 10 years (who knows blogging may not even be THING by then!), but as long as it’s fun, I’ll be here… Read more…

    May 11th, 2016

    Red Sox 13, Oakland 5:
    27 in 2…for 20…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:38 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | No Comments

    27 is the number of runs the Red Sox have scored against Oakland in the last 2 contests. I love high scoring contests like this, especially when it’s the Sox doing the scoring.

    And the 20 is the 20th win for the Sox who are currently 7 games above .500, and in a tie with the Cookies for 1st place…Yay!

    And this offensive juggernaut is the only thing that saved the fairly crappy out That Clay Person has on Monday night. Not that I am surprised. 5 Inning giving up 4 runs on 6 hits (including, you guessed it, a home run) while walking and striking out 2. And then he says he was shocked that John Farrell didn’t let him pitch the 6th inning, saying something to the effect he thought he has been traded. WTH? You got the win (albeit undeserved), so why don’t you shut it, and perhaps send a bagel basket to your teammates (especially JBJ, because GRAND SLAM) for saving your bacon…

    And since the Sox send Henry Owens to Pawtucket, they called up Sean O’Sullivan, the reclamation project the Sox picked up from the Phillies (1-6 with a 6.08 ERA in 13 starts in 2015), who really didn’t any better than Buchholz, but was picked up by the fact that just about everyone in the starting 9 (except for Rutledge and Hanigan) got at least 1 hit in the contest. Read more…

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