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  • June 21st, 2017

    Red Sox 4, KC 6:
    Where the hell did the last 2 months go???

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:17 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | No Comments

    Holy Buckets! Between work and vacation and summer and Pre-K Graduation (yes, that is a thing), I blinked and it’s been two months since I have put thoughts to paper on the Red Sox…

    But then again, I swear my daughter was a baby like 20 minutes ago, and somehow, all of a sudden, she will be going to kindergarten in like two months…


    So, anyway, we are 2.5 months–ish into the 2017 campaign, are currently in 1st place, a 1/2 game ahead of the Skanks (although it took a 7-game losing streak by them to get us there–and it may be gone if the Skanks win tonight), and I STILL have no clue what to make of this team. Chris Sale is brilliant (and currently very well behaved), Rick Porcello is having flashbacks to 2015 with a record of 3-9 with an ERA of 5.05, and Steve Wright is out for the season, AGAIN, and David Price….Heh, well, David Price is the freaking Carl Crawford of pitching…and that is pretty much all I need to say on that… Read more…

    April 25th, 2017

    April 25, 2017: Learn to Play Baseball
    the Online Way

    Posted by Christine E. at 4:55 pm in General | No Comments

    If you are looking to add more baseball training sessions or to start learning baseball but can’t find the best baseball coach around, you might want to consider learning it the online way. Qoach.co provides about 20 free baseball training courses including hitting drills, pitching lessons, infield and outfield drills and more.

    All of their online courses are coached with instructional videos by experienced baseball coaches from IMG Academy, Skillz, Proswing Baseball and others. Below are some featured courses that you can enrol online. Read more…

    April 23rd, 2017

    April 23, 2017: Jackie Robinson’s forthcoming statue breaks new ground

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:38 pm in Baseball | No Comments

    News of the impending Jackie Robinson statue at Dodger Stadium has not just captured the imagination of stateside baseball fans but has also piqued special interest across the Atlantic.

    Dr Chris Stride, from the University of Sheffield in the UK, and Ffion Thomas, a PhD student from the University of Central Lancashire, have researched and written in depth about the existing monuments commemorating Jackie Robinson, and their unique place amongst the 300+ other US baseball statues that they have catalogued as part of their Sporting Statues Project database.

    They found that Jackie Robinson’s seven current statues, plus a giant public-sited bust in Pasadena, are the most of any US sportsman or women, and globally rank him behind only fellow baseball icon Roberto Clemente (12) and soccer legend Pele (10). Read more…

    April 21st, 2017

    April 21, 2017: Three Key Players For the
    Boston Red Sox This Season…

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:48 pm in Baseball,Red Sox | No Comments

    By:  Lewis Sadler

    The 2017 Major League Baseball season is in full swing at the moment, and among the teams who are aiming to win the championship this campaign are the Boston Red Sox. This is their first season without the legendary David Ortiz since 2003, with the 41-year-old having retired at the end of the 2016 campaign.

    The Red Sox are doing relatively well at the moment. John Farrell’s side are third in the American League East Division behind the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees, and, according to MLB betting odds, are -160 favorites to win the division. During the 2016 season, the Red Sox finished first in the American League East, but failed to get the better of American League Central champions Cleveland Indians in the 2016 American League Division Series. Motivation and determination is high in the camp.

    The Red Sox have one of the best rosters in the league, including players such as Pablo Sandoval, David Price and Andrew Benintendi. Below, we look at three players who will be key for the team as the season progresses. Read more…

    March 27th, 2017

    March 27, 2017:
    A Couple Bold Predictions of my own..

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:01 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | No Comments

    The 24+ inches of snow we got in NE Pennsylvania about 2 weeks ago is mostly gone (Although the ginormous piles in the parking lots will probably last until July). And we are a week away from real live Red Sox baseball, at home in the Fens, no less. Rick Porcello (Yay!!!) will be the rightful Opening Day Starter, with no splitting of duties as there has been in previous years…and it appears, shockingly, Chris Sale isn’t throwing a hissy about the decision. Hopefully that will continue…

    And, according to mytopsportsbooks.com, with spring training nearing its conclusion, the Boston Red Sox still have a good chance of reaching the World Series. So the future looks good for the Sox…

    Many of my fellow bloggers have been weighing in on their bold predictions for the 2017 campaign, here and here . Since my prognostication skills are legendarily sucky, most of the predictions I make are probably more crazy than bold. However, for the sake of this argument, we will say they are bold… Read more…

    March 13th, 2017

    Red Sox 3, Toronto 4:
    A Win–Despite the loss…

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:15 pm in General | No Comments

    Some random thoughts as the Northeast braces for a blizzard called Stella, which is calling for 15-20(!) inches here in Yankeeland–in Mid-March.  UGH…

    Although the Sox lost to Toronto in today’s contest, this was the first chance Sox fans got to see Stephen Wright since he was sidelined with a shoulder injury while pinch-running last August (which still annoys the crap out of me…)

    And it appears that he is none the worse for the wear, pitching 2 strong and scoreless innings in his Spring Training debut.  Throwing 21 pitches (16 for strikes), the only hitter he did not retire was old friend Jarrod Saltalamacchia (and I can still spell his name without looking it up), who actually got on base due to an error.  The next step is to get him stretched out before the season starts, where the knuckleballer can hopefully contribute as successfully as he did in 2016, where he made the All-Star team for the first time, and went 13-6 with a 3.33 ERA before his injury ended his season…

    And with the beginning of the season, some folks like to start looking into doing some betting on their favorite baseball teams, or perhaps want to do some other type of gambling . While I am not a gambler myself (even though I live about 15 minutes from a casino), if I were, there are certainly many many options out there.  But like everything else, I would want to do research into the best venues to place my bet.  For online options, I would check out as many internet casino reviews as I could, to make sure my selection was the most reputable, and see the pros and cons of them all.  However, whatever selection you make, always remember to gamble responsibly, please. Read more…

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