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  • January 20th, 2017

    January 20th, 2017:
    Raines, Bagwell and Rodriguez make the Hall…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:46 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | No Comments

    Not sure any of the 3 candidates for the Hall are a huge surprise. As part of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA), I voted for all 3 of them myself. But getting to the required 75% is a huge deal; just ask Tim Raines, who didn’t get there until his final year on the ballot, garners 86.0% of the vote, a big jump from his 69.8% last year. Jeff Bagwell, in his 7th year on the ballot, and how narrowly missed last year with 71.6%, had the highest vote count this year at 86.2%. Rounding out the 2017 class is Ivan Rodriquez in his 1st year on the ballot, with 76%. Don’t call him Pudge, won’t call him Pudge, there is only ONE Pudge as far as I am concerned…

    Trevor Hoffman (74%) and Vlad Guerrero (71.7%) narrowly missed this year, so we will see if they garner enough voted in 2018 to get the call…

    As we know, players getting less than 5% of the vote in any given year are removed for further consideration. A number of Red Sox players, including Jason Varitek (.5%) Tim Wakefield (.1%), and Orlando Cabrera, JD Drew, and Freddie Sanchez (All 0%) were in this grouping this year. Shockingly, so was Jorge Posada, who only garnered 3.8% of the vote in his 1st year on the ballot. Read more…

    January 13th, 2017

    January 13, 2017:
    Friday the 13th AND a Full Moon?

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:26 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | No Comments

    031108_eclipse_jeff_dunn_02While I am not particularly superstitious (I’m a lighting designer, amongst other things, so I walk under ladders, cause it takes too freaking long to walk around. I also own a black cat and my lucky/favorite number is 13), that’s a pretty interesting cosmic double whammy, and apparently will not happen again for like 32 years–or 2049…

    So, after a month of holiday celebrations, parties, far too much fudge from Stone Harbor, Christmas ducks for my kid, and of course, the obligatory holiday sickness that felled both of us (I’m looking at you, stomach “thing”), we are looking at 31 days to Pitchers and Catchers, 40 days to the first “real” Spring Training game–against the Mets, and 79 days to Opening Day…

    Oh, and in case you were wondering, Truck Day is a little more than 2 weeks away. The “unofficial” start of Spring Training for the Sox begins when the Truck leaves Fenway Park and travels to Florida filled with not only baseball stuff–but a million and one things the members of the Red Sox may need…This year’s Truck Day is Monday, February 6th…. Read more…

    December 14th, 2016

    December 14, 2016:
    OK, so now what?

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:18 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | Comment (1)

    Some random thoughts as I consider the best way to wrap my kid’s presents when she has suddenly decided to be allergic to sleep…

    Apparently, David Dombrowski tried to move That Clay Person in a trade to the Marlins. And the Fish said no thanks. Interesting, because he is reasonably inexpensive at $13.5 million for 2017, and he would probably be less of a headcase there. But then again Jeff Loria owns the team, and sometimes I think he actively makes bad decisions….

    But here is an interesting piece of Red Sox trivia–That Clay Person is the 2nd longest tenured member of the Sox as they are currently constructed. The first? You might have heard of him: Dustin Pedroia…

    Despite the fact that Stephen Wright seems to have been around forever, he still has 4 YEARS (yep, 2021!) before he is eligible for arbitration…

    The 11 (Yikes) who ARE eligible this year are: Fernando Abad, Xander, BrockStar, Drew Pomeranz, JBJ, Sandy Leon, Joe Kelly, Josh Rutledge, Robbie Ross, Jr., Brandon Workman, and Bryan Holaday. Of course, the Sox have the option of not tendering a contract to any of them, so that number should decrease (Like Fernando Abad, anyone??) However, the Sox have not went to an actual hearing since 2002, when they and Tim Wakefield could not come to terms, so will Dave Dombrowski allow that trend to continue? Read more…

    December 8th, 2016

    December 8, 2016:
    Well, the Sox got Pitchers for Christmas…

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:38 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | No Comments

    Just like I hoped for…

    So why doesn’t this deal make me more excited for 2017?

    Because while I really like the deal that is bringing one of the best relievers you have never heard of, Tyler Thornburg to the Sox–although I am disappointed to see Travis Shaw leave…

    I just reallyREALLY do not like the Chris Sale deal.

    I don’t really have an issue with the players that went, although I think the secret and strength to a great team that will contend year after year is a strong farm system, and this deal did reduce that. And it’s not that Sale isn’t a GREAT pitcher (He went 17-10 with a 3.34 ERA and 6 (!!) complete games in 2016—and oh, he’ll be 28 by the time the season starts… and that a rotation of him AND Rick Porcello AND David Price (who will hopefully right the ship in 2017) AND Stephen Wright AND Eduardo Rodriguez AND Drew Pomeranz, and yes, even That Clay Person is freaking A-MAZE-ING.

    I just reallyREALLY do not like Chris Sale. Read more…

    November 30th, 2016

    November 30, 2016:
    Can we turn the heat up a bit on the Stove?

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:57 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Random Thoughts,Red Sox | No Comments

    I know, it was just Thanksgiving, and we still have like 3 1/2 months until Pitchers and Catchers, which is pretty much a lifetime in baseball time. And the Winter Meetings are next week, and thing usually really start moving then…

    But as the days get darker, and colder, and we’ve got like 15 minutes to Christmas (the hell???) a nice trade would do a lot to warm the cockles of my heart.

    But holy crap, If the rumors are to be believed, I really would rather NOT be trading JBJ for Chris Sales. Yes, Sales is a great pitcher, but he also acts like a freaking two year old (cutting up uniforms because he didn’t get his way last year–really??? Who DOES that???) And we have all seen how quickly the Red Sox degrade with malcontents in the clubhouse…and the last time it happened, they were our own guys who went rogue. Now, they want to trade a guy who is electric to watch for someone who cares only for himself? I know he’s a great pitcher, but noooooooooo….. Read more…

    November 18th, 2016

    November 18, 2016:
    Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer Awarded
    BBBA’s Walter Perry Johnson Award

    Posted by Christine E. at 2:09 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Red Sox | No Comments

    baseballbloggersalliance-thumb-200x155-12545-8.pngThe bloggers of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance have chosen the Detroit Tigers’ Justin Verlander and the Washington Nationals’ Max Scherzer as the best pitchers of the 2016 MLB regular season.

    In balloting, Mr. Verlander received 11 first place votes and 130 points overall, highest among all candidates in both leagues. Finishing a close second with 125 points and nine first place votes was the Cleveland Indians’ Corey Kluber. The Boston Red Sox’ Rick Porcello finished third with 110 points and nine first place ballots. Also earning the top spot on BBA ballots were the Chicago White Sox’ Chris Sale and the Toronto Blue Jays’ Aaron Sanchez. The top five American League pitchers finished as follows:

    Justin Verlander, 130 points (11 1st place votes)
    Corey Kluber, 125 (9)
    Rick Porcello, 110 (9)
    Chris Sale, 46 (1)
    Aaron Sanchez, 44 (4) Read more…

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