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  • Archive for the 'Sports Betting/Handicapping' Category

    Book Review: Trading Bases: A Story About
    Wall Street, Gambling, and Baseball
    (not necessarily in that order)

    By Joe Peta I’m not a gambler. I’m of the opinion that I am better served staying home and setting my money on fire than losing it at the casino 15 minutes from my house–that way, at least I save the gas money to get there… I am also not a stat-head. Don’t get me […]

    Is it for you?

    If you have ever been interested in doing the betting on sports thing, here is some advice on how to go about it… Sportsbetting. It’s fun and thrilling, ups the ante of excitement and makes a win or a loss, more than just, well, a win or a loss. Bet on your favorite team, be […]

    Sports Handicapping:
    Some Tips on Choosing the Best Ones…

    Over 35 years ago, in the early 70’s, handicapping services available to the general public were few and far between, with only a handful of companies offering the service. Fast forward to 2008 and there are thousands of services out there, some offering everything from “80-90(and more) percent chance of winning every time, or “can’t […]

    Sports Betting:
    More than just “Place Your Bets!”

    While I know a bit more than I did this time last year with regard to the world of sports betting and online- gaming–there is still a TON of info I have no idea about. So I went back to the trusty Ask and this time I got 11,640,000 hits, which is a little less […]

    Baseball Handicapping:
    The Inside Track?

    While I do not normally bet on sports (being part of a Super Bowl pool amongst friends is about as far as I go) I have to admit that I knew very little about sports books or handicapping or any of the million and one ways people try to make the best choices (to, of […]

    Sports Betting:
    The Unusual Way to Support your Team

    The subject of sports betting came up recently and, what I know about it would probably fit on the head of a pin. Mainly, I thought it was mostly illegal, as the only exposure I’ve had to the world of gambling is the occasional Super Bowl pool, watching CSI: Las Vegas, living next door to […]

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