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    DVD Review: Knuckleball

    See below on how you can WIN a copy of this great DVD! When the movie Knuckleball was released for a limited run in movie theatres across the country, I was so very disappointed that it never got close enough for me to go and see it on the big screen. So when I was […]

    January 13, 2010:
    Review: The Lost Interview of
    The Great Ted Williams

    Last week, I was contacted with a most excellent opportunity: The chance to check out The Lost Interview of The Great Ted Williams, hosted by Bob Lobel. Back in 1997, Ted and Bob Lobel sat down on September 9th at Fenway Park, and discussed everything from Red Sox fans, to hitting, to his contentious relationship […]

    Boston Red Sox Fan Site:
    A Community of Sox Fans…

    As a member of the Red Sox blogging community, I like to go out and look at and for new and interesting Red Sox sites, and when I find ones I like, I talk about them, the ones I don’t like, not so much…(hey, beauty is DEFINETLY in the eye of the blogger…) So when […]

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