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    Post #1301: Red Sox 6, Cleveland 3:
    Lots and LOTS of Red Dots…

    Shameless Plug: Join me tonight at 9:10pm, EST, as I sit down with Dave Mitchell of BBA Baseball Talk to talk chat Boston, the Red Sox, and Boston Red Thoughts. The show is broadcast on Ultimate Sports Talk and you can find it here. Then, just click on “Listen Live” and you’re all set. Hope […]

    April 1, 2013:
    Happy Opening Day!

    And, despite the fact that it’s April Fools, it’s no joke. Major League Baseball actually started for some lucky folks last night, and the Nation gets their turn today at 1:05 when the Sox and the Skanks face off in New York for the first of their 19 meetings in the 2013 Campaign… And in […]

    Red Sox 4, Puerto Rico 3:
    A NON-sucking John Lackey???

    Holy Buckets! OK, I know 3 innings in Spring Training is a minuscule sample size, but holy hell, 3 innings of 3 hit ball with 2 strikeouts? 45 pitches, 31 for strikes? From John Lackey? Has that even happened is recent memory? And how fracked up is it that a pitcher can get blown save […]

    Red Sox 16, Pittsburgh 6:
    First Title with Scores for 2013!

    Holy Buckets! There is baseball being played! I can actually turn on MLB.tv and see a game!  I’ve started getting text message informing me if the Sox have won or lost (they are currently 3 and 4 on the season) and I got to watch John Lackey load the bases in his first start, as […]

    February 21, 2013:
    Spare me the Fish Analogies…

    Right after I use one… Apparently, we now have a fish of our own (although I would rather the Trout variety…), as the Sox have acquired Mariners 1st baseman/outfielder Mike Carp for either cash or a PTBNL. Unfortunately, he is one of THOSE–LOTS Of promise, but injuries have prevented him from reaching his “true potential”.  […]

    February 20, 2013:
    Opening the Thought Locker

    Going round the horn, (or the bend, depending on who you ask)with some random goings on during this first full week of Spring Training. I was talking to my friend, Paul from Boston this week, and we both pretty much agree that we want the goal for this year’s campaign to be that the games […]

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