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  • Archive for the 'In Game Blog' Category

    Red Sox 7, Skankees 6:
    The In-Game Blog…

    When talking about Schilling in the YES Pitching profile: “Preperation”–spelled wrong–morons–have I mentioned I cannot STAND the YES Network?? Petttittte hits Youk with a pitch and then walks Big Papi on 4 pitches…what’s up with THAT? Too bad Manny did a GIDP. My motto is–if you are going to make an out–do it solo–don’t take […]

    Red Sox 1, Royals 7: Opening Day Game Blog…

    4:00pm: It’s DO and RemDawg! Ahhhhhhhh 4:10: 1st Pitch! Red Sox Baseball in 2007 has officially begun! Whoo Hooo! 4:12: Julio Lugo strikes out–at least he ran the count to full while he did it… 4:13: YOUUUUUUUK!! Base hit for Youk! But can we lose that goatee? Very scary–and it take a certain type of […]

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