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  • Archive for the 'Holiday' Category

    December 24, 2007:
    Twas the Morning Before Christmas…

    Time to do some hopping around the bases as we begin the count down to the old chubby guy in the red furry suit… More Red Sox books will be coming out over the winter and spring, chronicling the trial and tribulations of the World Series Champions. One I really want to read is the […]

    Happy Thanksgiving Red Sox Nation!

    On behalf of of myself and the whole NEPABlogs Family, I would like to wish all of Red Sox Nation a beautiful, festive, Yankee-Free Thanksgiving Celebration… And may you eat enough L-Tryptophan to knock you on your sorry Thanksgiving day ass! And, if anyone had a Tur-Duck-Hen, can you let me know what THAT is […]

    Happy Holidays Red Sox Nation…

    On behalf of Boston Red Thoughts, and from all of us at NEPABlogs, may your holiday be filled with peace, love, happiness, and light…

    Meriikurisumasu Akagumi Sutokkingu Banmin*

    11 days before Christmas, with the media lining up the block in front of Fenway Park yesterday, their numbers close to 300 (!) and Matsuzaka nearly knocking John Henry on his ass into a mud puddle (!!), Theo did admit this was not an easy deal to consummate. “There were certainly a lot of ups […]

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