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    July 23, 2013: Guest Post:
    Which American League East Team Can
    Pry the Red Sox from First Place?

    By Rich Bergeron The Tampa Bay Rays came into Monday night’s four-game series opener against the Boston Red Sox with an impressive 58-41 record, which would be good enough to lead virtually every other division in the Major Leagues. Only the Red Sox (60-40) and the St. Louis Cardinals (59-37) had better records than the […]

    June 15, 2013: Guest Post:
    Hit the High Seas On a Red Sox Cruise

    Now, baseball fans can sing their favorite tunes from Sweet Caroline to Take Me Out to the Ball Game on the high seas, when they enjoy an extended seventh inning stretch on a Celebrity Cruise. Now recognized as the Boston Red Sox’s official cruise line, Celebrity Cruise and the Olde Towne Team have just announced a […]

    May 1, 2013: Guest Post:
    Special Offer from Ballpark E-Guides

    Greetings Boston Red Thoughts Readers: My name is Kurt Smith, if you’ve been reading Boston Red Thoughts for a while you may know that I am the author of Ballpark E-Guides, detailed PDF-format fan’s guides to MLB ballparks. Christine has been a great friend to the site and has done several promotional favors for me, […]

    October 29, 2012—Guest Post:
    Five Things Fenway Park Has On Wrigley Field

    We normally don’t do the guest post thing here at Boston Red Thoughts, but fellow BBA-er Kurt Smith shared his Fenway/Wrigley comparison with me, and since Wrigley is my 2nd favorite park after the Holy Land, (I always said that if I ever had twins, I would have named them Fenway and Wrigley…) I couldn’t […]

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