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    November 23, 2017:
    Happy Thanksgiving Red Sox Nation!

    And AGAIN with the blinking and the time passing so very quickly.  And I am going to blink again, and it will be Christmas!  Yikes! So while we will probably never have a Red Sox Turkey Day like we did in 2003, when Theo joined Curt and Shonda Shilling for Thanksgiving dinner, signing him to […]

    April 25, 2017: Learn to Play Baseball
    the Online Way

    If you are looking to add more baseball training sessions or to start learning baseball but can’t find the best baseball coach around, you might want to consider learning it the online way. Qoach.co provides about 20 free baseball training courses including hitting drills, pitching lessons, infield and outfield drills and more. All of their […]

    Red Sox 3, Toronto 4:
    A Win–Despite the loss…

    Some random thoughts as the Northeast braces for a blizzard called Stella, which is calling for 15-20(!) inches here in Yankeeland–in Mid-March.  UGH… Although the Sox lost to Toronto in today’s contest, this was the first chance Sox fans got to see Stephen Wright since he was sidelined with a shoulder injury while pinch-running last […]

    Red Sox 5, Oreos 9: This is Starting to Feel Like the Same Old, Same Old…

    OK, so now the fracking cookies are like 7-0 to start the season, and the Sox have once again, claimed their place at the under .500 mark, and 4 games behind the cookies in the AL East (who have to lose SOMETIME), and Of course, with That Clay Person on the mound, I suppose it’s […]

    Red Sox 6, Cleveland 7: Yep, That was all Clay’s Fault…

    Yeah, I get it. It takes 25 players to win or lose, and its each players job to pick up their teammates, blah blah blah…But holy hell, does That Clay Person REALLY need to suck immediately? Literally, as he gave up 4 runs in the 1st fracking inning. Really? Who does that? Clay Buchholz apparently. […]

    January 7, 2016: ZERO Votes for Mike Lowell?

    And NOMAR leaves the ballot after two years because he did not get the prerequisite 5%?  Holy Buckets! While I know neither was probably going to get in, the fact that they were out so soon, is just shocking to me. But it looks like Schill may have what it takes to get there, if […]

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