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  • Archive for the 'Book Reviews' Category

    Book Review: Color Blind:
    The Forgotten Team That Broke Baseball’s
    Color Line, by Tom Dunkel

    Everyone knows the story of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier when he played 1st base for the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947. And everyone knows that when Mariano Rivera retires this year that will be the last time #42 (Robinson’s Number) will be worn by a player. He is celebrated for his bravery, […]

    Book Review: Long Shot
    By Mike Piazza, with Lonnie Wheeler

    Anyone who has watched baseball in the last 15 year, no matter what team you root for, knows who Mike Piazza is: (Probable) Hall of Famer (He garnered 57.8% in voting his first year on the ballot), probably one of, if not THE best hitting catchers of all time, and, the NY Met whom Roger […]

    Book Review: Closer:
    Major League Players Reveal the
    Inside Pitch on Saving the Game

    By Kevin Neary and Leigh A. Tobin The concept of a closer we know today–someone who comes into the game in the 9th inning to shut the door on the opposition, and get the win, its a relatively new concept. The first year a “save” was even a MLB stat was 1969 There have always […]

    Book Review: Trading Bases: A Story About
    Wall Street, Gambling, and Baseball
    (not necessarily in that order)

    By Joe Peta I’m not a gambler. I’m of the opinion that I am better served staying home and setting my money on fire than losing it at the casino 15 minutes from my house–that way, at least I save the gas money to get there… I am also not a stat-head. Don’t get me […]

    Book Review: Any Given Monday: Sports Injuries and How to Prevent Them, for Athletes, Parents, and Coaches — Based on My Life in Sports Medicine.

    By Dr. James R. Andrews, with Don Yeager. We all have a favorite MLB pitcher who has undergone Tommy John Surgery (and some of us, more than one) and then had to wait the obligatory 12-18 months rehab time, hoping that they would return to their previous form and dominance. Most of us who follow […]

    Book Review:
    Stillpower: Excellence with Ease in
    Sports and Life, By Garrett Kramer

    We have all heard sports players who are not being successful on the field described as “struggling”, or “pressing”, or “trying to do too much”. And may of us were taught (myself included) as long as you worked as hard as you can, and keep on going for it, that things will usually work out […]

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