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  • Archive for the 'Baseball' Category

    Red 4, Astros 1:
    We’re going to the World Series!

    Holy Buckets! Are we trapped in some fracked up alternate/reverse dimension? Or is it just baseball being baseball? Because I reallyREALLY cannot explain how David Price(!!)), who has never won a postseason start EV-VA (although he did come close earlier in the series), not only pitched a gem Thursday night (6 IP, giving up no […]

    Red Sox 4, Skanks 3:
    And the Sox win the ALDS!!!!! Yay!!!

    Admittedly, I have watched very little Red Sox baseball during the regular season–with a 1st grader who has more of a social life than me, it’s not surprising… But holy hell, this series caught me RIGHT up with all the stress and the cursing, and the pacing, and the yelling, and the jumping up and […]

    Red Sox 9, Mariners 3:
    Not even sure where the heck to begin…

    So. Facebook tells me it’s been like 54 some odd days since I have posted. OK, so I have no idea where that time went. Sure, my kid finished Kindergarten and is heading to 1st Grade in a couple months (how THAT happened, when I swear she was a baby like 15 minutes ago, is […]

    April 24, 2018:
    OK…What Happened Here?

    The Sox were playing TRANSCENDENTAL baseball, with a 17-2 record, and easily beat Oakland in Friday night’s contest… And then the bottom fell out. OK, I am being a bit dramatic, but holy buckets, THEY GOT NO-HIT???? Really??? By Sean Manaea, a guy who has faced the Sox 3 times prior, and they’ve beaten the […]

    April 17, 2018:
    The Middle of the Night Portion of Our Program…

    So with Patriots Day weathered out, The Sox take their 13-2 record, their lead in the AL East (and 5 games ahead of the Skanks–ha ha ha ha ha) and head to the Left Coast for 6, with 5 of them being 9:05pm or later…. As I have stated before, there are some good and […]

    Red Sox 8, Tampa Bay 7:
    Another Sweep, and Some History Making…

    So I thought the win streak was toast yesterday when they were down by 5 at the start of the 8th inning. But then they had one of those 6-Run innings, which was enough to get them the win and sweep against the Oh-so-awful Tampa Bay Rays… But the dark spot of yesterday’s contest was […]

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