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    My name is Christine E, and I am a Red Sox Fan (“Hi Christine E!”)

    We will now accept questions from the audience…

    So, why a blog?
    For years, people have been telling me I should write a book, because I am semi-amusing-the problem is…..the people who usually say “you should write a book” have no freaking CLUE the work it involves….I do have 3 chapters of that book somewhere, but taking the time to type it all out, then you have to go back and edit/spell check/ etc etc is a big pain the ass…..so I figure, I can bitch and moan, try like hell to be witty, and people won’t have to spend $7.95+ on a book to hear what I have to say..:-) I also (like any other Red Sox Fan) have very strong opinions on my team, bleed every game the Sox do not win, and am completely insane. Hopefully that will lend itself to a blog….I also happen to know quite a bit about the Red Sox and baseball, as there are about 15 sites I visit every day (often more than once) so I hope that the thoughts/rants/raves/ etc will come from a place of intelligence. As intelligent as a Red Sox fan in Yankeeland can be….

    So, if you live in NEPA, how did you become a Red Sox Fax?
    My grandfather was a Red Sox fan, as one of the minor teams spent time in Dunmore, PA; Joe Mooney (former Red Sox groundskeeper, before Dave Melior) grew up across the street from my grandfather and mom. When I was 13, the ‘rents took me and my sister to Fenway Park, and the rest, is history……

    Does your family like baseball?
    I come from a mixed marriage-when I was growing up, my Mom was a rabid-scream-at-the-TV-Yankee fan (to this day “Sweet Lou” Pinella makes me queasy…..) My Dad is a Cleveland Indians fan, who just wants to get his World Series ring before he dies…. I seem to recall my sister liking the Baltimore “Oreos” when we were young, although now she is married to one of those rabid Yankees fans….and apparently has completely lost her mind, because she now thinks Jeter is hot (I cannot believe I actually wrote that…I think I will go now stab myself in the eye)

    Welcome to Boston Red Thoughts!

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