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  • July 22nd, 2019

    July 22, 2019:
    Where We Are at 100 Games…

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:49 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    So here we are, more than 1/2 way through the summer, just finishing off the obligatory, “Hot Weekend“, and now comes the rain, although it has been reasonably dry.

    The biggest thing that has made me feel a ton less guilty about not posting is the fact that the Sox are having a pretty bad year at playing baseball (at least so far). Yes, my soon-to-bed 2nd grader has more of a social life than I do, but when the Sox are playing poorly, its not super motivating to turn on the TV and watch them get beat up…I know its not being supportive of my team, but its reality…

    So, to ease us back in, and to sum everything up, here is where we are 9 days before the deadline:

    54-46, for a W% of .540 (at least they are 8 games above .500. They could be Baltimore (31-67, .316)…Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…ahem. Sorry. I hate Buck Showalter…Ha Ha…


    But then it goes downhill from there. They are in third place in the AL East, behind the Skanks (UGH) and Tampa Bay (Freaking TAMPA BAY) and are fourth in the Wild Cart. FOURTH.

    Nevertheless, in the Wild Card, they are only 3 games behind. In the Division? ELEVEN. No “magic Number has been attached to them yet, and they have not been mathematically eliminated, but with 62 games to go, they gotta start doing better than 5-5 in their last 10 games…

    I never want it said that I give up on my beloved Sox, but with the trade deadline looming next week, I think how the Sox do leading up to the deadline will certainly influence Dave Dombrowski’s decision on whether or now the Sox are buyers, and try to make a run at this, or sellers who free up some cash, and let the kids play.

    Coming up: The Sox have an opportunity to gain some ground in the Division this week, with 3 against Tampa Bay and FOUR against the Skanks. Seeing as they are 3-4 (Tampa Bay) and 1-6 (Skanks–Blech) against these teams for the 2019 campaign, a good 7 games would definitely help their cause…

    Tonight: Eduardo Rodriguez, one of the bright spots in the starting rotation (11-4 4.34 ERA in 20 starts), takes the bump tonight at the Tropicana Field, opposed by Jalen Beeks, (5-0, 2.78 ERA in 20 starts).

    And they are already off to a GREAT start for tonight’s contest, as they are already leading 8-0 in the 4th, including a 7-run 3rd inning ( How I love those 6-7 run innings), which featured a 3-Run shot from JD Martinez, and solo shots from Andrew Benintendi and Sam Travis. Beeks is already in the showers, and E-Rod is currently pitching a 1-hitter with 2 walks and 3-strikeouts through 4…

    Let’s do this. It’s now or never, guys…

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    Where We Are at 100 Games…”

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