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  • October 20th, 2018

    Red 4, Astros 1:
    We’re going to the World Series!

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:41 am in Baseball,Old Friends,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Holy Buckets! Are we trapped in some fracked up alternate/reverse dimension?

    Or is it just baseball being baseball?

    Because I reallyREALLY cannot explain how David Price(!!)), who has never won a postseason start EV-VA (although he did come close earlier in the series), not only pitched a gem Thursday night (6 IP, giving up no runs on 3 hits, while walking 0 and striking out 9), but did it on 3 days rest AND beat Justin Verlander (!!) to do it!

    Of course, Rafael Devers 3-run shot in the the 6th, and JD Martinez’s solo shot in the 3rd (worth every stinking penny the Sox paid for him) provided him all the run support he needed…

    I honestly thought the ALCS would be the end of the line for the Sox. Not that they are a bad team–because far from it, but the Astros are just BUILT for the postseason. But some breaks went the Sox’s way, and it was enough for them to win the series 4-1.

    But holy hell, Josh Reddick was a royal PITA for the Sox during this series. I always liked him, and was sad when he was traded to Oakland for, but he bit the Sox in the ass a whole bunch of times in this series. Weirdly enough, he only hit .188 for the series–but it certainly FELT like he made more of an impact…

    Although I am sure the fact that the “would he or wouldn’t he (Mookie) have caught the ball if there was no fan interference” situation that happened in Game 3 is going to be a thing for a while. If the call has went the Astro’s way, Altuve would probably have had a 2-run homer. And since they lost that game 8-6, and one could argue, that changed the complexion of the game, that it is possible we’d be heading to a game 6, and the Astros would not be playing golf today…

    And in news that shocks absolutely no one, Jackie Bradley, JR. was named the ALCS MVP. After that Grand slam in Game 3, how could he not be? But it’s pretty ironic, because while he has always been a defensive genius, his hitting left something to be desired. And he was the top of ENDLESS discussions about his trade value as a defensive player, because the Sox needed a bigger bat. Well, I think we can lay THAT to rest now, shall we?

    So now the Sox have a bunch of days off, while the Dodgers and Milwaukee finish their battle for the National League Pennant. They are currently all tied up at 3, and will play their to their Game 7 tonight, for all the marbles. Personally, I would like to see Milwaukee beat the Dodgers, cause I dislike the Dodgers, but I would also like for the Sox to wipe the floor with said Dodgers, so there is that.  But while we are waiting for the BIG dance, I plan on catching up on my DVR offerings that have been piling up while I have been watching baseball.  But perhaps your are looking for something a bit different, like some online gambling?  If so, you can check the best online casinos, which is a great place to start, especially if you are like me, and don’t have a lot of experience on the best places to go.

    So, my daughter and I were driving home last night and this young guys pulls up along side of me and motions for me to roll down my window “Oh hell, what is this” I am thinking as I do, and he says to me: “Go Sox! I am a Giants fan and hate the Dodgers, so I hope you guys win. Go Sox!” and he drives on his merry way. Thanks for your support, young Giants fan…

    Coming up: The Sox head to their 4th World Series in the last 15 year. Game 1 begins on Tuesday, and if it goes a full 7 games, will end on Halloween night–in Boston. Because of course it would.

    And Chris Sale should be better by then, as Alex Cora had said he would have started Game 6. This also give them more time to rest up and get their house in order. And while the David Price not sucking thing is pretty cool–I do not, by any means think that this is a permanent condition.

    But we’ll see…After all, it is baseball…

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