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  • January 25th, 2018

    January 25, 2018: 64. More. Days.

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:49 pm in Baseball,Good Deeds,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    So as time FLIES (my kid turns 6 this weekend–have NO idea how that happened–she was a baby like 20 minutes ago…) and the temperature has no idea what its doing (how do we go from -20 with a wind chill to FIFTY in a span of like 32 hours?) its getting to be that time, where our thoughts turn to warmer days and the boys of summer.

    So yes, in 64 days the Old Towne Team will take the field to kick off the 2019 campaign, and although all the pieces are not quite in place yet, its still time to start getting excited. And if making some wagers is your thing, and hail from the other side of the world, check out New Zealand Online Casinos, which may be exactly what you are looking for.

    Speaking of getting the pieces in place, who will blink in the battle between Red Sox Management and Satan (ask Scott Boras) as it pertains to JD Martinez? Yeah, I know he’s great, but he is 30 years old, and signing older guys to ridiculous contracts almost never turns out ok…and its the whole flashbacks to another Boras guy: JD Drew, that gives me the heebies….Gah!

    And the Sox have a new manager in Alex Cora who just GETS it–and I love him…always have…so that is certainly something to get excited about…

    But WTF? Tickets for the season go on sale TOMORROW? a FRIDAY? One of the my favorite annual traditions was getting up in the morning on (usually) the last Saturday in January, getting a HUGE mug o’coffee, and parking myself in front of my computer searching for the perfect seats to Fenway–even if it took me all day (and endless virtual waiting rooms) to get them. Now its on a Friday, and I have to WORK.

    WTH Red Sox?????

    Finally, one of the big events which every year makes me wish I lived in Botson (besides the games, natch) is the Hot Stove Cool Music Benefit Concert weekend. The concert is amazing, getting to see not only great musicians but seeing legend Peter Gammon play is once in a lifetime kind a stuff. This years concert will be at the Paradise Rock Club and tickets can be purchased here. As part of that weekend, there is also the high anticipated lineup of baseball great who are part of a roundtable discussion on the past and future of the game at a special Business of Baseball Champions lunch. Baseball experts, Alex Cora, Raquel Ferreira, Scott Boras, Bernie Williams, Bronson Arroyo, Greg Amsinger and Peter Gammons are slated to take the stage for the discussion.

    The candid forum will take place on Friday, February 2nd at Hotel Commonwealth from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., and will provide attendees the chance to ask this amazing panel questions in an interactive Q&A session.
    Tickets are $250 and are on sale now at Foundation To Be Named Later website. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Foundation To Be Named Later (FTBNL) and the Red Sox Foundation.

    Coming up: Less than 3 weeks to Pitchers and Catchers! That’s right, February 13th is the day, with position players following on February 18th, and the first full squad workout the following day. Yay!

    Baseball is almost hear! Whoo Hoo!

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