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  • Archive for March, 2017

    March 27, 2017:
    A Couple Bold Predictions of my own..

    The 24+ inches of snow we got in NE Pennsylvania about 2 weeks ago is mostly gone (Although the ginormous piles in the parking lots will probably last until July). And we are a week away from real live Red Sox baseball, at home in the Fens, no less. Rick Porcello (Yay!!!) will be the […]

    Red Sox 3, Toronto 4:
    A Win–Despite the loss…

    Some random thoughts as the Northeast braces for a blizzard called Stella, which is calling for 15-20(!) inches here in Yankeeland–in Mid-March.  UGH… Although the Sox lost to Toronto in today’s contest, this was the first chance Sox fans got to see Stephen Wright since he was sidelined with a shoulder injury while pinch-running last […]

    March 10th, 2017 :
    Too Much Stuff on my Plate…

    And unfortunately, none of it even remotely resembles or is even close to home plate… Holy Buckets. Someone needs to petition whomever it is in charge of time (Father Time? Mother Nature? Someone else?) and see if we can get another 4-8 a day. Because the 24 we currently got, just is not enough these […]

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