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  • November 17th, 2016

    November 17, 2016:
    Holy Buckets, Rick Porcello!

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:03 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    So we have been Red Sox baseball-less for over a month–unless you count all the former Red Sox players/management who comprised the Cubs and the Indians, and it’s a LONG way to Pitchers and Catchers…

    And next week is Thanksgiving, and it’s doubtful Dave Dombrowski will spend dinner with a potential Ace, just like Theo did with Curt Schilling and family all those years ago. Honestly, that is a story that legends are made of…

    It all just goes into the bucket for when Theo comes up for the Hall of Fame…Because how could he NOT be worthy? He broke 86 and 108 year baseball curses…Who does that?? And what’s next? Becoming GM of Cleveland???

    So for right now, Sox fan need console themselves with the fact Ric Porcello has won the first Red Sox CY Young award since Pedro did it in 2000! And he did it in a rather weird way, beating Justin Verlander by a mere 5 points; and it was not by having the most 1st place votes from the BBWAA (he had 8, Verlander had 14), but by his 18 2nd place votes, and the fact that 2 writers inexplicably left Verlander off their ballot. Now, I have no idea what they were thinking, but for some reason they thought Verlander was not in their top 5. But then again, a lot of people have been questioning a lot of balloting in the last couple weeks, so nothing surprises me…

    And while the pitcher who wins didn’t do it with the most 1st places is a rare thing–it has happened before–twice, and both in the National League. And you may have heard of these guys: Tom Glavine (1998) and Tim Lincecum (2009).

    I wish we could also be celebrating Mookie Betts’ as MVP, but sadly, that went to Mike Trout. Again. Beating Mookie with 19 1st and 8 2nd place votes (to Mookie’s 9 and 17 respectively, for a total of 356 to 311. Surprisingly, Jose Altuve came in a distant 3rd with 227 points. Rounding out the Top 5 is Toronto’s Josh Donaldson (200), and the Oreos Manny Machado (150). While I am not disputing Mike Trout’s talent. The freaking Angels won 74 games this year. Its like A-Rod and the bottom of the standings Rangers in 2003. Can the Most Valuable Player really be on a crappy team? I guess so…

    So now that Torey Lovullo has become the Manager of the Diamondbacks, the Sox were in need of a bench coach. Gary DiSarcina has been chosen to fill the spot. Ugh, never been a fan of his, I think he’s obnoxious. The Diamondbacks got Ron Gardenhire–why couldn’t the Sox have hired him? I always liked that guy. I get why they did it–give Lovullo the benefit of a veteran former manager to help him out–and obviously John Farrell does not need that type of guy…and of course, Bench Coach is like a manager audition, so why not?

    Finally, any hope that David Ortiz would play in 2017 is now over, even though the Sox exercised their option for 2017. It is official: The Large Father has officially retired, effective Monday the 15th, when his paperwork was filed with major league baseball.

    An Era has truly ended…

    Coming up: MLB (The Ownership) and the MLBPA (The Players) continue to negotiate a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, as the old one is set to expire December 1st. While it is unlikely a deal will not be made–because we are all painfully aware of the hit baseball took during the baseball strike of 1994-1995…

    Then, the Winter Meetings will be held this year in Washington DC December 5 – 8. We usually see a bunch of deals being made, or at least the discussions start–so hopefully the Sox do something there….

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