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  • November 2nd, 2016

    Cleveland 3, Cubs 9:
    Onto Game 7…

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:35 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Random Thoughts No Comments

    And the final game of the 2016 Campaign. This is it, for all the marbles. No more second chances…

    So the team that has not won since 1908 is playing the team who has not won since 1948, and even though it has been over a hundred years for the Cubs, and I love Jon Lester and Theo…I just…can’t…

    I reallyREALLY want Cleveland to win. Not only for my Dad (who was 5 when they won last time), or my friend David (who has never seen a Cleveland win), but because I think they need it more. I’m sorry, but the Cubs are just ANNOYING…and so are their fans. Honestly, were we that annoying? Don’t answer that– I know we probably were…

    Although I still cannot stand that obnoxious punk, Cleveland’s 2nd baseman Jason Kipnis…he’s way too arrogant. Holy hell, Dustin Pedroia who has 10 times the talent, doesn’t act like that….Blech…

    But no matter who wins, this is going to be a HUGE heartbreaker for someone. Cleveland hasn’t been the WS since 2007 (when they lost in 7 games to freaking Atlanta), and the Cubs have not been to a WS since 1945(!!!) when they lost in, you guessed it, 7 games to Detroit These teams are not historically perennial post season teams. Maybe that will change, as Theo has done some great things with his ballclub, and Cleveland has a core of young, talented players and good pitching.

    But this has just been SUCH a hard road for both teams–and someone is going to lose tonight.

    So Corey Kluber is starting Game 7 on like 15 minutes rest (OK, its 3 days), and we are hoping he will have the success he had in the other two World Series Games he started: #1 and #4. He has a postseason ERA .089 and a WS ERA of .075 (Yes, like 89 and 75 cents, respectively). Let’s hope he can do it a third time. He is opposed by Kyle Hendricks, who has a 1.31 ERA in the Postseason (Yes, like a dollar and 31 cents). And both teams have great bullpens, who have done amazing things. And there is no tomorrow, so all men on deck.

    But lest we forget that this is BASEBALL–the fickle mistress that she is…So it really is anybody’s ballgame…

    Holy Buckets, this is gonna be good. 1st pitch: 8:00pm

    Go Tribe!

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