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  • September 29th, 2016

    Red Sox 3, Skanks 5:
    The Most Fracked up Clinch in History…

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:24 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Honestly, I have never been this pissed about about the Sox getting to the postseason, or by them winning the AL East before…So be warned…LOTS of all caps ahead….

    And this is why baseball is the game where anything can happen and usually does. But this one was weird and bizarre, even by baseball’s standards…Here’s my takeaway from last night’s contest, which should have just been another, normal loss, as the Sox should have WON ON TUESDAY NIGHT, but David Price decided to suck out loud and put up oh so crappy numbers for his ninth loss of the season.

    His line: 6 1/3 giving up six runs on 12 hits, including THREE homers, while walking 1 and striking out 2. He threw 89 pitches, 61 for strikes. This is a That Clay Person Type outing, not one befitting an ace for whom the Sox opted to pay crazy money to, rather than give Jon Lester the deal he deserved. (Yeah, I’m still bitter about that)…

    But Jon Lester is getting his revenge, and if the Cubs beat the Sox in the World Series, I may just feel a little less bad about it, for this very reason…


    Sorry, I digress…and speaking of a That Clay Person -Type Outing, perhaps we should be checking for pods in the basement, or an episode of “Freaky Friday”, cause maybe David Price and Clay Buchholtz have SWITCHED BODIES.

    It could explain how David Price has THAT kind of line, and That Clay Person has THIS kind of line: 6 IP, giving up 1 hit AND NOTHING else, while walking 2 and striking out 6. And HE also threw 89 pitches, 56 for strikes…

    Stark contrast, this. And if the bullpen had DONE THEIR JOB, the Sox would have won last night and the clinch would have felt much less….WEIRD…

    And they tried…Ziegler and Koji each threw 2 scoreless innings, and then everything went to hell in a hand basket because then fracking Craig Kimbrel came in and could NOT FIND THE PLATE…

    HIS line: NO outs, giving up 4 runs on 1 hit while walking 3 and striking out, uh, none…he threw 28 pitches (!!!), 13 for strikes.

    Four runs on ONE HIT? Who fracking does that??? The guy who walks like the whole Skankee lineup.

    They finally pulled him after he walked in a run, and brought in Joe Kelly, who, in an impossible situation, managed to get two out before giving up the walk off grand slam to Mark Toxemia. I do not blame Joe Kelly for allowing the 3 runs to score, although you all know my thoughts on the whole “inherited runners” thing. But I do blame him for giving up the FREAKING GRAND SLAM.

    UGH. What an ugly, ugly loss. And what makes me REALLY angry is the Skanks got to celebrate the walk-off on their field, rather than the Sox being able to celebrate their Division win on their field. They had to do it all in the clubhouse…

    I have no doubt that some of the problem was that new that the Sox clinched the AL East came at the start of the 9th inning, when the Cookies took care of the Sox’s business and beat Toronto, eliminating them from the division running. They were distracted. They wanted to celebrate. They wanted to put their goggles on and shoot champagne, beer, and everything else they could think of to throw at each other. In Yankee Stadium. I get that, I do.

    However, don’t you think that the way they LOST this game kind of tooth the bloom off the rose? I think so. Unfortunately, I did not get to see the post game celebration, as I watched it on MLB TV and they ended right after the game. Which in hindsight, was probably for the best, because I think it would have made me angry to see Craig Kimbrel and Joe Kelly celebrating–although more so Kimbrel. I think they tarnished the celebration…

    And that was another thing. How the hell did I get a Skankee/Red Sox game on MLB-TV? That has NEVER happened before–EVER. Even when it’s not being shown on any channel in my area, I live too close to NYC and I am always blacked out. And I even got to watch the NESN Commentary. But then again, I have watched a bunch of games on YES this season–and YES is not part of the TV package I get.

    Very strange…

    Tonight: The final game against the Skanks, which the Sox really need to win because there is still home field advantage to play for, and cause I really have no desire to see the Skanks sweep the Sox–even if it means nothing, and even if the Sox swept them twice this year, and are leading the season series 11-7… So since Drew Pomeranz has been shut down (although the Sox are not calling it that–the guy came injured from the Padres, has exceeded his innings for the year, and has forearm pain–it’s a shut-down…) Henry Owens is going to pitch this one. Who know, perhaps he will get his first win tonight. Although probably not, cause he is opposed by CC Sabathia. But CC has had a pretty rough season (8-12, with a 4.02 ERA). Who knows, maybe there will be a reverse lock…But in any event, I don’t think it could be any more unpalatable as last night’s contest. 1st pitch: 7:05 pm

    And…We will also see what plans (if any) the Skanks have in store for honoring David Ortiz. Should be interesting….

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