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  • September 27th, 2016

    September 27, 2016:
    6, 11, and 1…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:38 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Games Left in the Regular Season: 6

    Winning Streak: 11(!!!) Games

    Magic Number to Clinch the Division: ONE…..

    And they already have ensured a place at the dance, when they clinched a postseason berth on Saturday night, when they were in the process of sweeping Tampa Bay…

    Holy Buckets, this is fun to watch!

    So now the Sox head to the Stadium for their final 3 against the Skanks, who have a magic # of 2–but for complete elimination. And since they are 5 games behind in the Wild Card….

    Ha ha ha ha ha…Ahem sorry. Ok, I’m not…

    So this series is likely to be double the fun for the Sox–Clinching the AL East in New York AND seeing them be mathematically eliminated…

    So, there is really no need to do a Blackboard, as the Skanks are done, and cannot even play spoiler. I was going to do one, but when I started setting up the stats, I stopped, because it really just feels like kicking a dog when it’s down. I have no doubt most Skankee fans would not hesitate in twisting the knife as deep as it would go, but that is really not my style…

    So instead of a Blackboard, let’s just sum up:

    The Sox are 92 and 64, 1st place in the AL East, with a one win (or one loss by Toronto) securing their place as the winner of the division. They have won their last 11 games. The Skanks are 80-76, in 4th place, 12 games behind the Sox, and 5 games behind for the Wild Card. They have lost 7 of their last 10 games…

    So! Moving on….

    So Sunday’s game was interesting, as Red Sox starter Eduardo Rodriguez and the bullpen combined to strike out 23(!!!) Rays, including 2 in the 10th frame, before the Sox won the contest 3-2. There were also 17 CONSECUTIVE strikeouts in the contest, which has never been done before…And Rodriguez’s 13(!) strikeouts are made even more impressive by the fact that he got them all in 5 1/3 innings worth of work. So out of 16 outs, 11 of his were made by strikeout. Holy Buckets, who does that???

    And its gets weirder: Heath Hembree got ALL his outs (5), via the K, and Joe Jelly, who got the win, had 4 in 2 2/3.

    The only reliever not to get a strikeout was, Fernando Abad, who also blew the save by allowing one of Mat Barnes’ runs to score, which caused the tie that lead to the extra inning. Could something be done to ensure this guy is nowhere near the postseason roster? Because, YUK…

    I’m still holding out hope that Stephen Wright will get his mojo back and be able to contribute in the postseason…although after his long toss last weekend, he didn’t feel well enough to throw the bullpen that would have been the next step…So it’s not looking good right now…

    And from the “Are you freaking KIDDING me” department. John Farrell actually said that there is a possibly that Pablo Sandoval could be back for the postseason! Apparently his recovery from should surgery is going better than expected, and his dominance in the postseason is one of the reasons they Sox signed him. And he has been DH-ing down in Florida with the team’s instructional league, with hopes to moving to third base at some point.

    Honestly, you cannot make this crap up….

    Since there was no game on last night, I turned to my TiVo, where I have recorded FOX’s new show “Pitch”, which is a story of the first female pitcher in the majors. Obviously they got MLB’s permission, because it all appear authentic, right now to Joe Buck and John Smoltz doing commentary. Of course, since it’s produced by FOX that is not super surprising…Overall, it was entertaining, no basis in reality, but entertaining. And certainly more palatable than the other options on TV….

    Finally, MLB mourns the passing of 24 year old Marlin’s Ace Jose Fernandez, who was killed in a boating accident over the weekend. Big Papi and he were close, and he even asked Tampa Bay to not have the pre-game ceremony on Sunday to celebrating his retirement. What a waste of a young life and talent…

    Coming up: David Price takes the mound in Game 1 against the Skanks, looking for his 18th win, the opportunity to be the pitcher of record when the Sox clinch the division, and the Sox’s 12th win in a row. He is opposed by Luis Cessa. 1st pitch 7:05pm

    I really REALLY want to see the Sox celebrate on the field at the Stadium…it would be just icing on the cake…

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