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  • August 12th, 2016

    Red Sox 2, Skanks 4:
    Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:53 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments


    So.  THAT certainly didn’t turn out as expected.

    And while there are many things that could be blamed for this abysmal series loss against the Skanks, such as:

    Hanley’s 0-5 on Tuesday night, especially after The Large Father was intentionally walked TWICE,

    Newbie Andrew Benintendi’s error in last night’s contest (which naturally was hit by Jacoby Ellsbury) ended up costing the Sox 2 runs, and ultimately the game.

    The ENDLESS opportunities to bury the Skanks in both games. The Sox left 11 on Base on Tuesday and 9 on Thursday

    The fact that Stephen Wright, could not start last night because John Farrell decided to have him PINCH RUN on Sunday and then he jammed his shoulder diving into a base. All because he didn’t WANT TO WASTE A PLAYER. So they waste the arguably best pitcher the Sox have.


    But at the end of the day, ya know what KILLED the Sox? Pitching. From beginning to end. And not even from the starters, because Pomeranz gave them 5 1/3 of 1-run ball. Eduardo Rodriguez gave them SEVEN, and Holy crap. Rick Porcello gave them EIGHT on Tuesday, and freaking Kimbrel then walked 4 fracking batters and Matt Barnes had to come out to finish the game before they lost that one too!

    And then on Wednesday, the Skanks lost their starter after the FIRST INNING and had to cobble together a game using EVERY pitcher they had! If that game went into extra innings, freaking A-Fraud may have made his pitching debut in his very last week of playing…and yet they STILL lost.

    Do I need to mention the FIVE inherited runs scores in that game? Holy Crap, NO ONE could pick up their teammates in this one.

    Ya know, when That Clay Person is the ONLY reliever who actually DID his job this week, how fracking SAD is that???

    Of course all of this happened when, for the first time in recorded history, all 3 games were amiable to me. So I watched every minute of the torment, made worse by the fact that I DO live in Yankeeland, so the 3 games were only viewable on….YES.


    And let’s be clear: the Sox were in the lead for EVERY one of these games.  Every starter did his job and left with a lead.  They should have won ALL of these game.  But here we are with 1 win..barely

    So because of this debacle, the Sox remain in 3rd place, 3 games behind Toronto who has overtaken the Cookies by a 2.5 game margin. So really, the Sox only lost a 1/2 game in the division, but they need to cowboy up or man up, or release the Cracken or whatever the FRACK they are going to do to pull themselves out of this nonsense.

    Cause if they don’t, we’ll all be playing golf when October 3rd rolls around–and I hate golf.

    Finally, there was one thing, however, that made me happy about this series. The fact that A-Fraud only started 1 game, and came in and pinch hit in another. Five at bats–and 5 times, the fandom booed the every-lovin’ CRAP out of him. Also, the Sox Management did NOTHING in terms of a going away “thing” for him, no presentation, no gold plated baseball bat, no giant Red Sock. NUTHIN’. And through it all he was 0-5 with a RBI, and currently has a .199 BA. Yes, like a dollar ninety-nine…below the Mendoza line. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

    Coming up: 3 against Arizona before the Sox head back on the road for 10, including games against Baltimore. But first, David Price gets the start in tonight’s contest, opposed by Patrick Corbin, who is a pretty atrocious pitcher (4-11 with a 5.37 ERA), on a pretty atrocious team (48-66). But the way they have been playing, I am sure they’ll screw this up too…

    Note to David Price: You need to suck less. NOW. First pitch 7:10pm.

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