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  • June 23rd, 2016

    Red Sox 6, White Sox 8:
    OK, This is Getting Ridiculous…

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:55 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (3)

    So. The Sox have played 3 of 4 against the Pale hose, and GUESS how many they have won?

    Yeah, pretty much.

    Monday night, Stephen Wright pitched a 9 inning what-should-have-been-a-complete-game GEM, (If the Sox could have scraped together more than 1 run) but then Craig Kimbrel comes in for the 10th and can’t even get out of the inning without giving up TWO RUNS for his third loss of the year…

    Then Tuesday, That Clay Person got an start cause they have no one else, and while he wasn’t horrible, it was enough to get him his SEVENTH LOSS of the year. Oh, of the 3 runs he gave up in 5 innings of work, 2 of them were as a result of homers. That makes FOURTEEN so far this year, putting him on pace for like 30 this year. IF he could stay healthy and the Sox were actually stupid enough to have him make 30 starts this year.

    Holy Hell, please don’t let that actually happen….

    Then last night Koji imploded, giving up 2 homers of his own in a 3-run, two-thirds of an inning. He has a 4.78 ERA. Holy Buckets! And it’s a shame, cause Eduardo Rodriguez actually didn’t suck last night, and would have gotten the win for his 6 inning outing.

    His line: He gave up 4 runs (3 earned) on 4 hits (including a home run) while walking 2 and striking out 7. He threw 102 pitches, 64 for strikes…

    So. Here we are, with a potentially GREAT Red Sox team, but because the pitching SUCKS, here they sit, 2 games behind the fracking Oreos and 3-7 in the last 10 games. Toronto is breathing down their necks at 2.5 GB, and if this keeps up, they are going to end up in a hole they are not going to be able to get themselves out of…

    So, All-Star Game voting ends next Thursday the 30th, and Mookie Betts is still holding onto his 3rd place spot in the outfield, although by less than 30,000 votes, so vote early and often. JBJ is currently in 2nd place, and Xander is leading the shortstop field, and of course, The Large Father is leading all DH’s, although even if he wasn’t, the fact that he is retiring would have probably gotten him a spot. But it’s nice that he is coming by it honestly, with a pretty spectacular final season.

    Speaking of, apparently there is such thing as too much attention and respect for David Ortiz. He mentioned in an interview that he should have never announced his retirement so early, because now he has to deal with all the attention and brouhaha, AND do his job. Sometimes it really is a matter of “careful what you wish for”.

    Remember on May 9th Brock Holt got a concussion? Well, he is finally at Pawtucket on a rehab assignment and doing quite well (3-6 and a walk in 2 consecutive games). However, he is only playing through his remaining concussion symptoms, not totally clear of them. I know when I got a “mild” concussion a bunch of years ago, I was horribly dizzy and nauseous for a good 2 weeks (even on meds) and then it was probably a good 4-6 weeks MORE before the dizziness completely went away. It’s been less than 2 months for BrockStar, hopefully he will continue to improve and will be symptom free in the next couple weeks…

    Thankfully the Sox managed to win at least 1, beating the White Sox 8-7 in today’ contest on a Xander walk-off single in the 10th.  Craig Kimbrel gets his first win in a Red Sox uniform, actually getting the job done after Monday’s debacle…

    Finally, here is something for you to chew on:  Stephen Wright as the possible AL All-Star Game Starter…Heck, if he pitched at all, the challenge is:  Do they have someone who can catch him?

    Coming up: The Sox head to Texas for 3, as part of a 6- game road trip.  David Price gets the start, opposed by Nick Martinez.  1st pitch 8:05pm…

    3 Responses to “Red Sox 6, White Sox 8:
    OK, This is Getting Ridiculous…”

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