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  • April 13th, 2016

    Red Sox 5, Oreos 9: This is Starting to Feel Like the Same Old, Same Old…

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:05 pm in General No Comments

    OK, so now the fracking cookies are like 7-0 to start the season, and the Sox have once again, claimed their place at the under .500 mark, and 4 games behind the cookies in the AL East (who have to lose SOMETIME), and

    Of course, with That Clay Person on the mound, I suppose it’s not THAT much of a surprise. Another day, another crappy start. While he got a no decision in his last start, he took this loss in this contest, and with a lovely 10.00 ERA to boot.

    The line: 5 inning, giving up 5 runs on 5 hits (including TWO homers) while walking 3, hitting a batter, and striking out 5. He threw 98 pitches, 70 for strikes.

    And I wonder what the excuse will be THIS time…Honestly he could take a few tips from Craig Kimbrel about accountability, as evidenced by his comments after he gave up the first 3-run homer of his career to Chris David on Monday during the home opener: “I went out there and kind of beat myself. I can’t be walking guys in that situation. Davis put a good swing on the pitch and it went a long ways…He’s a great low-ball hitter and he got the barrel of the bat to it and he did what he does. I missed. He hit it over the fence. It was a bad pitch.”

    Are ya LISTENING Clay???? But of course, he was ready with the “Its only 7 games into the season, dont worry about it–Blah Blah Blah” riff. And I am willing to bet he “felt good”! UGH…

    So John Farrell is struggling to find playing time for Pablo Sandoval huh? Hopefully that trend will continue, as look what happened when he got his first and only start on Saturday–his freaking BELT exploded. Add to the fact that the Sox are only 8 games in the 2016 campaign, and he was the only one BOOED on Opening Day at the Fens. As I told my friend Paul from Boston, they need to send him to a spa or something and tell him not to come back until he has lost 30 lbs. Honestly, this is a guy who has UNLIMITED RESOURCES. He can’t hire someone to keep him away from the Twinkies and cook him nutritious meals???? Holy hell, I would KILL for my own personal chef to cook for me and my daughter every night. But I am not a millionaire baseball player with UNLIMITED RESOURCES…

    Sorry, no sympathy here for his struggles to come to terms with his new role, the one he can only blame himself for…

    And NOW he is on the DL with some vague an nebulous “shoulder strain”, which hopefully translate into some pounds lost when he comes back…

    Finally, VERY nice touch on Monday, having Big Papi’s daughter, Alex sing the national anthem for her dad’s last Fenway Opening Day. As annoying as he can be, you cannot dispute that Dr. Charles Steinberg (who went to Pawtucket with King Larry, but still does the big events at Fenway) has a flair for the dramatic…

    Coming up. Joe Kelly will take the mound tonight to hopefully avoid a sweep, and at least have one pitcher this week actually win a game. Although with a pitching staff with the worst ERA in baseball right now (7.32), a decent outing would certainly be welcomed. He is opposed by Ubaldo Jimenez. 1st pitch 7:10pm.

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