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  • April 11th, 2016

    Red Sox 0, Toronto 3: Happy Fenway Opening Day!

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:54 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    While I would have liked the Sox to win yesterday’s contest as they had won the first two of the series, including an amazing come from behind win on Friday, complete with a Grand Slam from Brock-Star (His 1st of his career), as long as they win more than they lose, that is always a recipe for success…

    So far so, good, as the Sox are currently tied for 2nd place with the Skanks, with a winning record of 3-2. I cannot even remember how long it has been since the Sox had one of those…

    I was glad to see Stephen Wright was more than competent in the Red Sox loss yesterday, going 6 2/3 innings and only giving up 2 runs (1 earned) on 6 hits while walking 3 and striking out 5. He threw 118 pitches, 78 for strikes.

    Unfortunately, despite the fact that Hanley went 3-4 (and is currently sitting on a .445 BA), the Sox could not string together any runs.

    As much as Hanley has improved for this season (so far, so good), it provides a stark contrast to the other half of the “Duo of Concern”: Pablo Sandoval. Yes, they are less than a week into the season, and it is an extremely small sample size. But the BELT BREAKING during one of his AB’s in Saturday’s contest is EMBARRASING. Probably even more so than the 3 strikeouts and the error he made during that game-his first and ONLY start of the season thus far. And did I mention that his BA is currently ZERO? Again, I know, small sample size, but in his 6 AB’s so far, he has walked once–and stuck out FOUR TIMES…

    Will he get better? Probably. Especially since he really cannot get any worse. However, this is going to need to be addresses, or he is going to be the richest minor leaguer Pawtucket has seen for a while…

    How bout those Cookies? They are off to a GREAT start–5-0, which I hope the Sox completely obliterate, as they kick off 3 against them starting today, with the Fenway Opener…Whooo Hoo!

    And the BEST news of all for this Fenway kickoff of the 2016 campaign is we don’t have to see That Clay Person getting that honor–one that he in NO WAY deserves, especially in light of the horribly crappy AWFUL start he made last week against Cleveland.

    So, thanks to Mother Nature (whom I have to believe is a Red Sox fan), the rainout of the 3rd game of the Cleveland series led to everyone being shifted ahead a day, which means David Price, the undeniable ace of the Red Sox, takes the bump in the Fens this afternoon…Yay!!!

    Yeah, Clay will get the start tomorrow, but he does not get the home opener start, which works for me…

    Finally, Graham over at Baseball Past and Present penned a cover story for the Sacramento News & Review in honor of Jackie Robinson day, which is this Friday the 15th, on why fewer black youth in Sacramento play baseball—and what local legends are doing to change this. With interviews with over 30 Little League coaches to former MLB commissioner Fay Vincent, Graham focused on people like former MLB manager Jerry Manuel, who’s founded a free baseball academy in the Sacramento to get more blacks playing. A compelling read, and definitely worth checking out!

    Coming up: Fenway OPENER #105! Whoo Hoo! Playing the ON FIRE Oreos, David Price gets his first home start, opposed by Yovani Gallardo. 1st pitch 2:05pm.

    Just wish it was a little later in day, so I could actually see some of it, which means, again, I get to see That Clay Person start. Blech.

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