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  • April 4th, 2016

    April 4, 2016: Happy Opening Day!

    Posted by Christine E. at 1:14 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Yes, I know, there were 4 contests yesterday, so that was the “official” opening day. However, I consider the first day the Red Sox play (which is today) to be the only Opening Day that matters. And from what I have seen around the horn, there are many other baseball fans who feel the same ways (and many of them are non-Red Sox fans)

    So after a long winter (although, depending on where you live, Mother Nature isn’t quite done with the whole “cold weather and snow thing”, and it probably a good thing the Sox aren’t playing at Fenway until next Monday, or they would be playing in INCHES of snow…and REALLY cold weather. And after 2 month-ish of sunny Florida, that must be a shock.

    Although I don’t suspect it’s going to be all balmy in Cleveland this afternoon anyway.

    Perhaps because I wasn’t so invested in the 2015 campaign (or the fact that I was so busy with school and my daughter and the million and one things that make up my life), the off-season wasn’t as interminable as it has been in years past.

    But this year, school is done (Yay! I got my Master’s Degree in Psychology!), so I am looking forward to having a bit more time to watch baseball, and hopefully see the Sox have a VERY long overdue decent season.

    And the way this team is constructed, I think they have a pretty decent chance. And I love Opening Day, when the season if full of opportunity and promise, and That Clay Person isn’t injured yet.

    I just wish the Sox had a bit more starting pitching, because… Ric Porcello. Blech…

    But they did some good work this weekend, sweeping Toronto in the 2 exhibition games up in Canada. Let’s hope they can take that momentum and use it to rattle off a crapload of wins to kick off the season….

    And we’ll see Mike Napoli this week, as he is now playing for Cleveland, and of course, Tito will be there, and while I hope the Sox beat the snot out of them, it will be good to see some old friends…

    Finally, in the excitement of the start of the season, we must also remember this is also an ending–This is the The Large Father’s final Opening Day of his career. I just hope he goes out in the blaze of glory, befitting the clutchest player the Red Sox have ever had…

    Coming up: The First game of the 2016 Campaign! Red Sox Ace (Nice to be able to say that again), David Price takes the bump in Cleveland, opposed by Corey Kluber. 1st pitch: 4:10pm

    Go Sox!

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