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  • March 31st, 2016

    Red Sox 4, Pirates 4, Red Sox 3, Rays 4: What’s with all the 4’s?

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:35 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    I know it’s Spring Training, and they are Split Squad games to boot, but even so, tie scores aggravate me. Every contest needs a winner…Probably why I am not a soccer fan….

    So we are at 4 days and counting until Opening Day, with David Price getting the start on Monday afternoon against Cleveland, like there was ANY surprise there. Just like That Clay Person getting the next start on Wednesday. Thankfully, since it will likely not be that warm in Cleveland on Wednesday, we will be spared that greasy hair thing Clay always has going on. Blech…

    And it looks like the Sox will end the Spring Training season on a losing note, going into today’s final Grapefruit League game against the Twins 12-17. I wonder how the Twins will handle Big Papi’s retirement this year. We know he’s not a fan of how they treated him, and the Twins know they blew it big time by releasing him in 2002, so it will be interesting to see…

    In the final roster move (probably) before the season starts, The Sox optioned Roenis Elias to Pawtucket, which means Stephen Wright will be 5th Starter for the foreseeable future. But I fully expect we will be seeing Elias at some point, cause you can never have too much pitching…

    And from the “It’s about freaking time” department: Travis Shaw will be the starting 3rd basemen for the Boston Red Sox on Opening Day, NOT Pablo Sandoval. I am glad they are making the right choice based on what is best for the team, and not based on money. Travis Shaw EARNED this. And John Farrell said as much: “My focus is on the guys in the uniform, not the contract”. And he also mentioned the biggest reason was Panda’s lack of range on the hot corner. Imagine that, even with that 17% body fat, his range is still abysmal…

    And not only will Brock Holt be the starter in left when there is left-handed pitching, he will get the first Opening Day Start of his career (Cleveland’s Corey Kluber is a lefty). And of course he has the best attitude: “It would be a cool experience. It was cool making the Opening Day roster last year and being a part of that. Getting to play on Opening Day would be pretty special. I know it’s supposed to be pretty cold in Cleveland, but we’ll just layer up and be ready to go.” I love this guy….

    Finally, everyone seems to be weighing in on how the Sox will fare for the 2016 campaign, and the predications range from “abject failure” to “probably a Wild Card” to a “damn sight better than the last couple years”. While the suckiness of my prognostication skills is legendary, I’ll throw my prediction in as well: 93 win, and the Sox will win the AL East. Won’t go any further than that at this point, but I think (I desperately hope) they will be good enough to get to the dance…

    Coming up: The Sox head North to play 2 exhibition games against Toronto, before getting Sunday off, and starting the season on Monday…Holy Buckets! I cannot WAIT for this season to begin!

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