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  • March 8th, 2016

    Red Sox 2, Tampa Bay 3, In 10…Holy Buckets! It’s Baseball!

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:44 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    I know, I know, I’m about a week late and $52 short, but I am in final exam mode for my Master’s degree, and until that is done, the boys of summer are taking a back seat to the endless scholarly writing…

    Also I have been keeping up with the day to day, even if I am not writing about it, and last night I had a dream about That Clay Person (no, not THAT kind of dream–Blech). So this dream was that the Sox were in Spring Training, and I was online and I see an article that Clay Buchholz is shutting it down for the season, and will focus on getting ready for next season. Yes, this was occurring in MARCH. Holy Buckets, how freaking SAD is that. But that is how it goes for those of us who are used to his nonsense. And they used to call Nomar glass???

    And speaking of That Clay Person, he got his first start in the win against the Oreos Sunday, annnnnnnnd it went about as well as you can imagine: 1 1/3 innings, 4 Runs (1 earned), and three walks, throwing 42 pitches, 20 for strikes.

    Rusty much? But he FELT GOOD! Gah…

    Oh, and he is 31 years old, and in theory should have has his best years of his career for the last 7 or so. His next start is on Friday, unless he steps on a Lego or a Sippy cup, or his daughter’s Elsa doll, and hurts himself, and that will be that…Uh huh….

    And the Sox had errors in yesterday’s contest. Again. This time it was two. Again. And guess who got both? Yep, Mr. “I have 17% body fat and never look at the scale”, Pablo Sandoval, including some inexplicably diving for the ball. And of course he blows it off as its spring training and meaningless. And yes, it is, in theory. But when you come to Spring training blatantly out of shape (don’t care what you or Red Sox Mgmt have say) and a crappy-assess attitude about it, you had better be THE big fat Panda, not just A big fat Panda, or your gonna get a ration of crap.

    Oh, and did I mention he is 0-8 so Far? This is gonna be great I can FEEL it…

    And what exactly does John Farrell’s alleged relationship with a reporter and his impending divorce have to do with baseball? Nothing? It’s his personal business? Thought so. Can we stop talking about it now?

    Let’s talk about this instead: Christina Vazquez is making his first start behind the plate today since his Tommy John Surgery ended his 2015 campaign. John Farrell is not ready to commit to Vasquez as an opening day starter, but it will be interesting to see how it goes…

    Today: The Sox faced the Cookies again, who after today’s loss are currently 0-8 in grapefruit league play. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…Ahem, sorry…Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Roenis Elias got his win of the season, with Miguel Gonzales, getting his 2nd loss of Spring Training….Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

    The Sox have a winning record with 4-3, in case you were wondering…

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