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  • January 7th, 2016

    January 7, 2016: ZERO Votes for Mike Lowell?

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:16 pm in General No Comments

    And NOMAR leaves the ballot after two years because he did not get the prerequisite 5%?  Holy Buckets! While I know neither was probably going to get in, the fact that they were out so soon, is just shocking to me.

    But it looks like Schill may have what it takes to get there, if he can keep his mouth and stay out of trouble that is.  He got a nice bump to 52.3% this year, his 4th on the ballot.  He has six more chances to get the additional 22.7% to get to the magic 75% mark.

    And for those of you who think:  “Eh, is Schilling really Hall-worthy?”  I got three words for you:

    Bloody Sock.  TWICE.

    And Holy Buckets, what is it going to take for the BBWAA to unanimously vote someone in????  Ken Griffey, Jr., got the most votes EVER yesterday, 99.3% (or 437/440).  So three troglodytes didn’t.  Uh, WHY????

    Congratulations are in order as well to Mike Piazza, garnering 83% of the vote.  Let the debate continue about what hat he should wear when inducted into the hall in July.  Mets?  Or Dodgers?

    And Mark McGwire saw his HOF Dreams end, after 10 years and only 12.3% of the votes.  That’s what happens when you get caught when people don’t think you came by your numbers honestly…

    Some other random thoughts and I try to get through THE LONGEST WEEK OF THE YEAR: The first one back from holiday vaca–and the one that always seems to be the fracking COLDEST

    How about this one, from the office of WTF:  Wally the Green Monster is getting a sister.  Her name is Tessie (naturally) and she is his little sister, and well holy hell, let the hilarity ensue.  UGH.  Honestly, is this something like Buffy’s non-existent kid-sister Dawn who suddenly appeared out of nowhere?  Maybe Tessie is like the key  to the apocalypse or something.

    So Wade Boggs’ number will be retired by the Red Sox, but not Dewey Evans, who played in Boston for 19 years.  All because of a dumb rule which states that in order for the Red Sox to retire a number, the recipient of the honor must had made it into the Hall of Fame.  Although they broke that rule for Johnny Pesky because–Johnny Pesky.  Honestly, shouldn’t a player’s number be retired based on his contributions to the RED SOX, not because a bunch of writers in the BBWAA deign it to be so?

    With Boggs #26 retired, that makes 10 players, including Jackie Robinson’s #42, which has been retired by all of major league baseball. Of the other 8, maybe you have heard of some of them: Bobby Doerr (#1) Joe Cronin (#4), Johnny Pesky (#6), Yazz (#8), Ted Williams (#9), Jim Ed (#14), Carlton Fisk (#27), and Pedro (#45)

    Finally, Graham over at Baseball Past and Present has been working on his annual mega-huge project gathering votes for a 200-player ballot from 467 different people who all weighed in on the 25 best players not in the Baseball Hall of Fame. All the results are here, including a list of full voting results the 467 people who voted at the end.  Some great stuff here–check it out!

    Coming up:  41 days until Pitchers and Catchers.  It will be VERY interesting to see if Panda and Hanley come to camp in the shape they are supposed to.  We shall see, but I’m not holding my breath…

    I am also interested in how Christian Vazquez fares as he continues to recover from Tommy John surgery.  It’s been about a year, and non-pitchers usually do not take as long to recover.  They still have Blake Swihart, but if they can get a healthy Vazquez back that would certainly be a big deal…

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