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  • December 3rd, 2015

    December 3, 2015: Hot Stove Burning Bright…

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:19 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    So Dave Dombrowski made another AMAZING deal this week, signing DAVID PRICE to a 7-year deal worth $217 million. With an opt out clause after year 3.

    And he is 30 years old.

    And if Ben hadn’t tried to low-ball Jon Lester, the Sox would have likely not had to make this deal.

    But they did, so now they are on the hook for an average of $31 million a year for the next seven years.

    I know that sounds like I am not happy about this deal. I am. I am excited that Dave is getting it done, signing a great closer, and ace, and a very good backup outfielder (more about him in a minute). David Price can pitch in the AL East (although his postseason numbers are troubling), and he wants to be “that guy”, like Jon Lester. That Clay Person never wanted to be that guy. He just wants to hide in a rotation so he can pitch without any pressure. In Boston.

    Yeah, good luck with that.

    And while I am happy about the Dave Price signing, honestly, I would have preferred Zack Greinke. I think he’s a really interesting guy, great pitcher, and would have fit in great in Boston.

    But “settling” for David Price. The man with a career 3.09 ERA and a record of 104-59 (or a .638 winning %). Yeah, I’m OK with that…

    Oh, and for those who want to make a “thing” about Price and The Large Father. Don’t. Really, do you think they are really going to carry this on now that they are on the same time, both looking to win a World Series? Big Papi is retiring after this year; he’s got better things to do than fight with a teammate…

    Also this week, Dave signed former Skankee outfielder Chris Young to a 2-year $13 million contract. He can play all 3 positions well, and hits lefties well (.327 in 2015) , so he will be the perfect 4th outfielder, spelling any of the 3 potential starters at any time, especially when they might struggle, as it isn’t completely clear how consistent JBJ and Rusney Castillo can be long-term…

    So the Winter Meetings start next week in Nashville, and with all the stuff already going on, I am not sure how much more Dave needs to do. Of course, the Sox can always use more pitching, and if he could deal Hanley I would be thrilled. Although I have been hearing buzz that they might want to trade Sandoval, move Hanley to third, and then use him as a backup DH in case something happens to David Ortiz.

    OK, I get how that might work (but probably not), but Hanley’s crappy attitude is what bugs me. He. Just. Doesn’t. Care. So he should go and not care on someone else’s team…And if he could take Ric Porcello and That Clay Person with him, that would be SUPER.

    Although the odds of trading a pitcher who is owned $62 million for the next 3 years, and who had a record in the 2015 campaign of 9-15 with a 4.92 ERA.

    Yeah. Good Luck with that.

    Finally, OMG! Why the hell are people thinking about the possibility of re-signing John Lackey? Ugh! No! Stop! He not only was fairly DREADFUL for a lot of this time here, he pretty much trashed the team when they traded him. Why on earth would you want him back???????

    Coming up: Winter Meetings start Monday, Is Dave really done wheeling and dealing? At not the risk of sounding greedy–says it’s not so!

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