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  • October 16th, 2015

    October 16, 2015: Holy Buckets! The Cubs won the Division Series!

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:55 pm in Baseball,Product Reviews,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    With a 100 wins in the regular season, and the best record in baseball for the 2015 campaign, I think everyone expected the Cardinals to advance to the NLCS over the Cubs, who, despite their impressive 97-65 record, are still, you know…the CUBS…

    But this is baseball, and we all know anything can happen, especially in a short series. And in this one, everyone’s favorite underdog hit a crap-ton of homers in this 4 game NLDS series, including a historic SIX in Monday night’s contest.

    But while John Lackey beat Jon Lester (honestly, you cannot even make this crap up) in Game 1, he couldn’t get it done here, giving up 4 runs on 4 hits, while walking 1 and striking out 5 in 3 innings. Jason Hammel did better in his 3 innings of work for the Cubs, giving up only 2 runs on 3 hits while walking 3 and striking out 2…

    So its the Mets and the Cubs in the NLCS beginning on Saturday. I don’t care who it is, but my wish of a Toronto/Cubs World Series is still intact, especially with Toronto beating the Rangers 6-3 Wednesday night to advance to the ALCS!   Yay!

    There is a lot of speculation as to exactly what Dave Dombrowski will be focusing on in the off-season; I am a bit troubled by some of his statements such as: “…when you have Buchholz back and feeling good and then if you go from there, our depth in starting pitching is pretty good…”

    UGH, NO Dave. PLEASE don’t fall into the “But That Clay Person is REALLY good, if he’s not injured in some strange, random, and catastrophic manner, or not being a complete and utter headcase–because…because no hitter in 2007!”

    But, alas, he probably will, because Buchholz does that to people. He sucks them in, and then something happens…

    I wonder if a better workout routine would help. His awful diet that John Farrell was trying to fix a couple years ago was a thing, and he is as skinny as a whippet. Maybe some vitamins or supplements something? Nomar used creatine, and that worked for him. Maybe Buchholz should head over to Supps R Us online and get some creatine supplements.

    Speaking of help, Dave is also looking for some in the bullpen, including a backup closer to spell Koji, who will be 41 in 2016. Cause things went south fairly fast when Koji broke his wrist at the beginning of August, leaving other not so amazing to cover. Yes, Tazawa and Robbie Ross did OK, but they are not Koji. And there is also the fact that there is no idea how much longer Koji will continue to be as good as he is…But Dave, PLEASE, no Jonathan Papelbon, we’ve already played that riff…

    And then there is Hanley, who the Sox still need to pay stupid money ($66 million) for the next 3 years. Unless Dave can trade him, which based on him performance in 2015, probably falls between slim…and…None. If they can get him to actually give a crap, I think that would help. And he needs to be competent at 1st base…Dave is saying the Sox and Hanley are committed to making this work. Uh huh, did you check with him before saying that?

    From the Things That Make you go EWWWWWW Department: Hanley played 105 games and none from the end of August on. And check out this triple slash: .249/.291/.426. Blech…

    And if you have actually ever been to Fenway Park, the fact that its fracking EXPENSIVE to go to a game there comes as NO surprise. Even ESPN the Magazine thinks so, ranking the Most Beloved Ball park a dismal 121 out of 122 sports venues in North America based on “bang for the buck” You can see all of the rankings here

    Coming up: The ALCS starts tonight with Toronto and Kansas City in a best of 7 series.  I predict (ok, more like fevernetly hope) Toronto in 6…1st pitch:  7:30pm.

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