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  • April 6th, 2015

    April 6, 2015: It’s Here! It’s Here!

    Posted by Christine E. at 4:16 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Red Sox No Comments

    Holy Buckets! After waiting so long, Opening Day is FINALLY here! We get to see if the wining grapefruit league season will translate into wins in the big leagues.

    We get to see if Mookie Betts really is all that and a bag of chips–and if he is, how cool is it that we will get to see that from the very beginning…

    We will get to see if That Clay Person, who is making his very first Opening Day Start ever will finally get himself right and actually be worthy of the title of Ace John Farrell thinks he is worthy of. But it makes me CRAZY when Clay blames his struggles on his quest for perfection–that he tries too hard to make each pitch perfect, which means none of them are…Head case…

    Speaking of Aces, it pained my deeply to see Jon Lester on the bump for the fracking CUBBIES last night. Although it pained me a bit less that he got his first loss of 2015, and currently has a 6.23 ERA…

    We will also get to see how much the loss of Christian Vasquez to Tommy John surgery will impact this already lackluster rotation.

    We’ll also see how long Joe Kelly and Koji remain on the DL; despite the fact that the Sox are saying both won’t be there long. Uh huh….But the fact remains Edward Mujica CANNOT be the closer for extended period of time…NOPE

    But one cool thing about the Joe Kelly DL stint–it gives knuckleballer Stephen Wright the change to be in the rotation–for a little while. The last time the Sox (obviously) had a knuckleball was Tim Wakefield–in 2011…

    And despite all the question marks and the “we’ll see’s” It’s the beginning of the season, where anything is possible (even the delusion they can go 162-0), and the Sox start fresh from the abysmal 2014 campaign…Whoo hoo!

    Happening now: This is it: The first game of the 2015 Campaign. That Clay Person (and I swear I almost typed “Jon Lester”) takes the mound in Philly opposed by Cole Hamels (whom the Sox should have signed–and has a 1.97 ERA career ERA against the Sox) Unfortunately, I am at work, so I won’t get to see anything but the end of this one. And since they are in fracking Philly, it is likely they will black out Wednesday and Thursday’s contest, which means I MAY get to see them play the Skanks this weekend–unless they are blacked out as well…So it may be the ESPN game on Sunday…

    Speaking of the Skanks: Masahiro Tanaka, Adam Warren and Nathan Eovaldi. These are the 3 starters slated to pitch against the Sox this weekend. Has anyone heard of anyone other than Tanaka, who is something like 63 this year? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

    Holy Hell…

    Go Sox!

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