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  • March 23rd, 2015

    Red Sox 7, Phillies 6: Why do they always do that?

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:56 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    …Make a big deal about how That Clay Person fared so well in a minor league game. Take yesterday’s contest. He didn’t start against the Phillies as he is likely the Opening Day Starter (Blech), so he threw 5 innings against the minor leaguers.

    And this was his line: 79 pitches, no hits or runs, while walking 1 and striking out 10. Sounds really good–until you remember that he rarely has trouble at that level. They are MINOR LEAGURES, so not only are they a step down, there is no pressure for Clay to perform at this level–and what is the key to a headcase performing well? NO PRESSURE…

    So, forgive me if I am not all impressed by this. DO this on Opening Day against the Phillies–and then do it 10 more times, and then MAYBE…

    Although my prognostication skills are legendarily sucky (But I actually get to use prognostication in a blog post, so that’s something…) I am going to predict That Clay Person’s Opening Day Line: 4.2 IP, giving up 6 runs on 8 hits (including 2 homers) while walking 3 and striking out 6).

    So we’ll see…

    And we’ll also see if Joe Kelly’s bicep issue is really nothing, when he makes his next start on Friday. He was supposed to start yesterday, but the Sox chose to have him do an extended bullpen session instead. He’s been battling bicep tightness since a bad at bat in his last start, causing him to leave the game early…

    Pitching in his stead was knuckleballer Stephen Wright, who is the odds on favorite to move up into the rotation

    As of yesterday’s contest, the Sox are now 10-8 with 1 tie game which happened this weekend…

    Rusney Castillo built on his debut outing (home run) with another productive day at the plate on Saturday, hitting a single and a triple in his 5-innings of work. Good stuff, although unless Mookie Betts suddenly starts hitting under the Mendoza Line, I expect he will be starting the 2015 Campaign with Pawtucket….

    As far as Mookie suddenly starting to tank? Doubtful–he had a fracking inside the park homer against the Phillies on Sunday–so he is also very VERY fast…In case you were wondering, he is now hitting .471 for the spring…

    And to make things even more interesting, Jackie Bradley, Jr. is hitting .345 so far this Spring Training…And he is A-MAZING defensively…So that makes 3 player for 1 position…Although if Shane Victorino becomes a concern, one of them could move to right….

    Speaking of, Shane Victorino is no longer a switch-hitter–again. Not sure why he decided to try the witch hitting thing again anyway–He hits better from the right side–and with his injury issues, why mess with that????

    More cuts this weekend, with Blake Swihart and Eduardo Rodriguez optioned to Pawtucket. That leaves 49 players left. Of those, there are 13 non-roster invitees. So, conceivably, the Sox could choose to retain 4 of them, as there are only currently 36 players on the 40-man.

    Coming up: The Sox head across the state to Jupiter, Fl to play the Marlins. Brian Johnson gets the start with Henry Owens and Matt Barnes also getting their work in. 1st Pitch: 1:05pm…

    13 Days….

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