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  • January 28th, 2015

    January 28, 2015: Going Back to Fenway!

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:46 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Orioles vs. Red Sox, Thursday, 6/25/15, 1:35pm Grandstand Section G25, Row 11, Seats 1 & 2.  Yay!

    The annual pilgrimage continues! Yay! Although this may be the last year for a while, or at least until my daughter gets a bit older. I am not willing to pay full price for a ticket for a toddler…It should be at least 5 and under, not TWO and under…

    And with all the weather New England got this week, I’m hoping the snow will be melted by then…

    Although I am liking the new ticket venue–you can better make your selections,and see options, rather than click on one game, wait FOREVER in that fracking “virtual waiting room” , only to be told that you cannot buy 2 tickets as there isn’t that many left together, and you need to start all over again. As I am mom to a toddler, I have needed to modify my old ritual of grabbing a coffee and sit at my monitor starting at 10:00am on ticket day, and not moving until I get my tickets. But, with her on my lap, I sat down about about 5:30pm and it took less than 10 minutes to get my tickets this year. Completely painless (except for the ridiculous “convenience fees” and ” order processing” surcharges that added $16.00 to my ticket prices…)

    Oh, and those who are wondering if Pedro should actually wear any other hat than the one with the “B” on it when he is inducted into the Hall of Fame is more than a bit delusional. Why on EARTH would be do that? he was TRANSCENDENT in Boston…

    So we all thought Mike Napoli’s nasty hip thing was bad, try this one: For his sleep apnea surgery they broke BOTH parts of his jaw and moved them forward to give him more airspace, and his lips could be numb up to a YEAR…UGH. But apparently it did the trick, cause it was do bad he didn’t get to REM sleep, and hasn’t actually dreamed in YEARS. Yeah, a lot of use say we dont dream, or dont dream that much..but chances are you do, and you just forget, he actually WAS NOT DREAMING…But apparently it was worth it: “Before, when I was doing stuff around the cage, I was so lazy and tired, I didn’t even want to pick up the balls. Now, I finish hitting and I drop my bat and I’m running around picking up all the balls. It’s been a tough offseason, but I think it’s worth it.” Let’s hope so..

    Another one of the walking wounded, Dustin Pedroia, who had hand/wrist surgery at the end of last season, says he is all better, and ready to go. Again, let’s hope do..

    Oh, and in case you were wondering, Joe Kelly has the Cy Young all buttoned up for 2015. Just ask him. Normally I would think this is just a guy being a jerk, but he seems like a goofball, doing other stuff like promising Jon Lester if he came back to Boston he would be “his bestie” I like this guy…He’s got that crazy funny Adrian Beltre vibe, without the rage…

    Speaking of Joe Kelly, apparently, Ben is not planning on signing another pitcher, so the roster, as constructed will consist of That Clay Person, Kelly, Rick Porcello, Wade Miley and Justin Masterson. Am I the only one who thinks this is not a good idea???? I’m glad he’s not looking at Shields, but holy buckets…He weighs in: “We like where we’re at. We like the collection of pitchers we have. We think there’s untapped potential in the group, and the collection we have now can give us a strong pitching staff this year.”Uh Huh…

    Untapped potential, thy name is Clay Buchholz…

    Oh, and the Skanks are gonna pay A-Fraud the GAZILLION dollars they owe him (cause they kinda HAVE to), but they are considering not paying him the $6 million bonus he is supposed to get if he surpasses Willie Mays’ 660 homers. He needs 6 to tie. I’ll be the first to admit I cannot STAND A-Fraud, but talk about petty…

    Coming up: 22 days to Pitchers and Catchers (and 14 to Truck Day!), and it cannot come soon enough, it’s cold, it’s dark, it’s January, whaaa whaaa whaaa, and I’m just not feeling the love to write right now…

    Can we get to baseball, please????

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