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  • January 7th, 2015

    January 7, 2015:
    Pedro, and Smoltz, and Johnson, and Biggio–Oh My!

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:45 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    Not that there is any surprise about these four being the class of 2015, except maybe that the writers actually would elect so many at once–it’s been 60 years after all, since so many players made it in at one time. But when you have so many who are clearly deserving of the honor, I guess there isn’t much choice there.

    But it is still astounding to me that there are actually baseball writers–folks who are supposed to be “experts” in their field (although that is not a criterion for membership in the BBWAA), that do not consider any of these inductees to be “first year” candidates. I mean, Pedro got just shy of 92% of the vote. We all know his stats, how transcendent he could be on the mound. How is that even possible? 92%? And the Big Unit with 97.3%, how is THAT even possible? John Smoltz received 82.9% of the votes, which is less mind-boggling, but not much…

    2015 Hall of Fame Class | FindTheBest

    Pedro weighed in at his press conference at Fenway yesterday: “It’s a great honor and I dedicate it to every fan out there and every teammate that I played with. The voters today made me someone really, really, really special. It’s something that I never expected while I was playing the game. I took each day personally and enjoyed it, but I never expected to be here today…If I say I dreamt about it, it’s a lie. I never did. But I made sure that every day I lived, I lived like it was a dream because I was so proud to play ball.”

    Glad Craig Biggio made it this year, with a big jump to 82.7% as he was so fracking close last year (he got 74.8%), falling 2 votes short of the honor. This was his third year on the ballot–and with his selection, becomes the first player from the Houston Astros to make the Hall of Fame…

    I was also glad to see that the steroid boys did not fare well, with Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa garnering 37.5%, 36.8%, 10% and 6.6% respectively. I expect Sammy will fall below the required 5% to stay on the ballot next year.

    Speaking of the 5%, Nomar managed to squeak by with 5.5%, but I don’t expect him to last more than another year or two. If he has been hurt less often, and had a longer career, I think the discussion about Nomar and the Hall would be very different…and at least he made it past the first year: 12 out of the 17 appearing for the first time didn’t even get that–including old friends Tom Gordon, Tony Clark, and Cliff Floyd…

    The induction is July 26th in Cooperstown; I expect there isn’t a room to be had in a 100-mile radius…

    And in case you were wondering, Curt Schilling went in the right direction, jumping from 29.2% to 39.2%, in his 3rd year on the ballot. So may. Someday…I know I am biased. Because… Bloody Sock!

    Coming up: 38 days to Pitchers and Catchers, and 88 days to Opening Day–and tomorrow, it’s supposed to be about 3 degrees here in NE Pennsylvania–with a wind chill of up to 20 below zero. Baseball seems OH SO far away….

    2 Responses to “January 7, 2015:
    Pedro, and Smoltz, and Johnson, and Biggio–Oh My!”

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