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  • October 16th, 2014

    October 16, 2014: BBA’s Boston Chapter Names Mike Trout as their vote for the Stan Musial Award.

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:33 pm in Baseball,BBBA Comment (1)

    The Stan Musial Award is given by the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) to the most valuable player each league; this year, the Boston Chapter has selected Angels’ outfielder Mike Trout for the honor. Trout, as Kluber did in the Walter Johnson Award, received all but 1 of the first place votes for the chapter, with the remaining vote going to Detroit’s Victor Martinez, who placed 2nd in the voting.

    I expect Trout will be part of the mix for any baseball awards for a long time to come, as he continued his dominance as one of the best all-around players in the bigs, with a great 2014 campaign. While his BA average dropped in comparison to 2013 (.323 to .287) he stroked 36 homers and had 111 RBI’s this year, compared to the 27/97 in 2013.

    Playing all of his games in center field this year seems to have improved his fielding scores, which jumped to .992, compared to .988 in 2013, when he was playing both center and left.

    And let’s not forget that Mike Trout is only 23 years old. Plenty of potential ceiling there in the years to come..

    Cleveland’s (and the Boston Chapter’s selection for the Walter Johnson Award) Corey Kluber placed 3rd, Rangers’ Adrian Beltre 4th, Cleveland’s Michael Brantley 5th, Detroit’s Ian Kinsler placed 6th in the voting, with the White Sox’ Jose Abreu, Toronto’s Jose Bautista, Seattle Robinson Cano, and the Astros’ Jose Altuve rounding out the top 10.

    Also in the mix in the Boston Chapter’s selections were Alex Gordon (Royals) David Ortiz (Red Sox), Kyle Seager (Seattle), Miguel Cabrera (Detroit), Ben Zobrist (Tampa Bay), Nelson Cruz (Baltimore), Felix Hernandez (Seattle), and Adam Jones (Baltimore).

    My personal selections for the Walter Johnson Award: Mike Trout, Jose Abreu, Ian Kinsler, Corey Kluber, David Ortiz, Adrian Beltre, and Michael Brantley…

    About the BBA: The Baseball Bloggers Alliance was formed in the fall of 2009 to encourage cooperation and collaboration between baseball bloggers of all major league teams as well as those that follow baseball more generally. As of this writing, the organization consists of 215 blogs spanning nearly all 30 major league squads, a youth chapter for bloggers under the age of 18, fantasy, historical, miscellaneous, and general baseball writing.

    Coming up: Over the next couple weeks, we will be hearing from The Boston Chapter, as well as the rest of the BBA as to their selections for the Postseason Awards in both the AL and the NL.

    We will also get to see how we match up against the selections of the Baseball Writer as well…

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