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  • August 27th, 2014

    Red Sox 11, Toronto 7:
    Uh, What just happened?

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:13 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Last night’s contest has to be one of the WEIRDEST ones on record for the Sox in recent memory. And considering what a fracked up season this has been, that is saying something…

    This one started normally enough. Sort of. The Sox scored 3 off R. A. Dickey in the 1st inning, and then Rubby De La Rosa gave them back. Then nothing until the Sox scored another run in the 7th, which Toronto then matched in the bottom of the frame. So heading into the top of the 11th inning, they were locked in a 4-4 tie. And then the Sox score SEVEN RUNS in the ELEVENTH inning, including a 3-run shot by Mike Napoli and a 2-run shot by newcomer Allen Craig.

    But it was a good think they scored 7–cause Heath Hembree (newly called up from Pawtucket to replace the struggling Brandon Workman) promptly gave up 3-runs in the bottle half of the inning. But despite all the drama, the Sox have won their second game. In. A. Row…

    And now, maybe, if they could win every one of their last 30 games…Maybe they could…

    Feh. Yeah right. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…NOT HAPPENING..But you KNOW there are people out there thinking that…


    I’d be happy if they could get to 500, but to do that, they would need to go 22 and 8 for the rest of the season, or a .733 win %. To get to 500.

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…

    So do you think as the review process works out the bugs and it becomes less new, everyone will stop talking about it ALL. THE. TIME? Honestly, it seems every game one of the teams gets screwed (usually the Sox, but they have had better “luck” as of late) on the replay…Oh well, I guess this the future…it’s just ANNOYING…

    And, apropos of nothing: That Clay Person may have had a very good outing on Monday night, and yes, I firmly place the blame for the need for extra innings in Koji’s hands (How I feel about the whole “Inherited runners scored” issue is pretty common knowledge). One good outing does not negate the NONSENSE, and the ugly, ugly losses, and the head-case-ness. He still needs to be traded, preferably sooner rather than later…

    And speaking of Koji: EIGHT. Eight runs in his last 2 outings, either given up or inherited, he has allowed to score. His ERA is 2.25, and he has a 6-4 record, and a .90 WHIP for the 2014 campaign. No, not horrible–and most teams would kill to have a closer with those stats.

    Until you look at 2013: ERA: 1.09, record: 4-1, WHIP: .057.

    No, he is not the reason the Sox suck this year, but it’s still shocking to see, nonetheless…I expect the Sox will be shutting him down any day now…

    Coming up: The Sox look for their first sweep of since the Reagan administration. OK, it’s only been 2 weeks, where they beat the Reds. But it sure as hell FEELS like a decade or 2. Joe Kelly, hoping to get build on his good outing from Friday night (you remember, the one he SHOULD have won, but Koji did the unthinkable, and gave up 5-runs with 2 outs in the 9th) takes the bump for the Sox. He is opposed by Marcus Stroman, who nearly no-hit the Sox the last time they faced him.

    Oh boy. 1st pitch: 7:07pm.

    One Response to “Red Sox 11, Toronto 7:
    Uh, What just happened?”

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