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  • July 17th, 2014

    July 17, 2014:
    Can We Start Playing Some Baseball, Please???

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:44 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Believe it or not, I am actually ready for the 2nd half of the 2014 campaign to begin. Yes, despite the fact that the Sox have had MAJOR SUCKAGE in their first 95 games of the season.

    But they showed some life before the break, and if they can at least be fun and respectable for the last 67 games of the year, I can live with that….

    But we still have to wait one more day, as today is the extra off-day, so even the All-Star game players get a breather…

    And speaking of the All-star Game… I have this to say:

    Didn’t watch a second of it.

    Nice work Fox/MLB on making it ALL ABOUT JETER (which, in and of itself, is nauseating) but you could not spare ONE FRACKING SECOND of the ass-kissing to, I don’t know, mention Tony Gwynn?????

    It was incredibly stupid of Adam Wainwright to groove a pitch or 3 to Jeter, because the AL now has home field advantage in the WS, which is a pretty big deal. Because you were all starry-eyed, and wanted to be “that guy”. Thanks for that… The American League thanks you…

    And speaking of Jeter (last one, I promise) I brought this up on Facebook and Twitter yesterday: If Jeter doesn’t like the spotlight, then WHY did he put himself in it? If that is really true, he should have played, and then after the World Series announced his retirement. Because you cannot tell me he didn’t realize that doing it the way he did has made the 2014 campaign the “Jeter Retirement World Tour”…

    WTF Kirk Minihane. What was so terrible about Erin Andrews’ comment that you needed to get all nasty? Yeah, she shouldn’t have left Wainwright off the hook that easy, and yeah, social media was sort of a weird, random thing to throw out there. BUT, regardless, you were Out. Of. Line. WHEN a GUY says something stupid in the media, (glass houses, Kirk) do you wish death on him and get up in his grill about it? Yeah, that’s what I thought….

    Oh! And Shane Victorino is supposed to be activated this weekend. Ah huh. Believe THAT when I see it.

    But, shockingly (said no one) Will Middlebrooks has been shelved again, as he jammed his wrist during his rehab assignment this weekend in Pawtucket. So now there is no timetable for his return. He has been on the shelf 2 months today, first with a broken index finger…

    Oh, and apropos of nothing except U haven’t said it in a couple days: Ben: Knock it the frack off and sign Jon Lester. NOW…

    Coming up: Picking up where they ended (literally) with That Clay Person getting his 2nd start in a row (with the normal 4-days rest in between). Let’s hope his next outing is as good as his last one (complete game 3-hit shutout) as the Sox take on KC in the Fens for a short 3-game homestand. He is opposed by former Tampa Bay Ray, James Shields. 1st pitch: 7:10pm.

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