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  • April 24th, 2014

    Red Sox 5, Skanks 1:
    Holy Buckets! It’s Pine Tar!

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:56 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    We all are aware of the use of “foreign substances” by pitchers in cold weather to assist with the grip on the ball. And most of the time, the only people who complain about it are the fans and the media, as they did two weeks when Pineda dominated the Sox, and there appeared to be some sort of substance on his palm, which disappeared before John Farrell could report. And since the Red Sox did not complain, the matter went no further.

    HOWEVER, just because you got away with it last time, doesn’t mean you get to be super blatantly obvious and that will be OK. Cause this time it wasn’t. After appearing to have nothing up his sleeve (or anywhere else) in the 1st inning, but 2 outs into the 2nd inning, he was bounced from the game with a huge honking gob of pine tar on his neck. And chances are he will also be suspending for this–historically it has been about 8 games, or 2 starts, so we will see. He is saying he did it all himself that he was having trouble gripping the ball in the 1st…blah blah blah…

    And lost in the shuffle of all that brouhaha, John Lackey was brilliant last night, with an 8-inning gem where he gave up 1 run on 7 hits, while walking 0 and striking out 11. He threw 111 pitches, 84 for strikes….

    And because all the starters not named John Lackey have been pretty much sucking lately, the Sox needed some additional bullpen help, calling up Alex Wilson. And the casualty of that call up was Daniel Nava, who was sent down to Pawtucket to work some crap out, as he has been struggling, hitting only .149 (yes, like a dollar and forty nine cents) in 67 AB’s so far this year. John Farrell weighs in: “His struggles at the plate are evident. We need to get him back to the player we have seen in the past. “He needs to have a more consistent two-strike approach. I felt like at times he tried to hit with a little too much power instead of a hitter of average who will occasionally hit home runs. He needs to get some work on the right side of the plate as well.” I reallyREALLY hope he gets himself right. I love his story, and the joy he brings to the game every time he goes out on the field. And the career best .303 during the 2013 campaign was a great contribution to the success of the Sox….

    So Jacoby Ellsbury has made his return to Fenway as a Skankee, and folks booed him, and people bitched about the people who booed saying its “unclassy” and that fan should clap and cheer. As IF. Personally, Jake to the Skanks pisses me off A LOT less than the Johnny Damon defection. Probably because Skeezy Bastard couldn’t keep his freaking mouth shut to save his life. Jake doesn’t want to talk, or to lead; he just wants to take his money to play and be done with it….so let’s let him do that…But am I EVER going to cheer for a Skankee? Nope…I don’t care WHO he is…

    So, it looks like the Flyin’ Hawaiian will be making his 2014 campaign debut, after being on the DL with hamstring strain. I really hope injuries are not going to be a thing for him this season…and I hope it doesn’t take him a really long time to get into the groove. Because right now this team is 2 games under .500, dead last in the AL East, and not gelling, and they need to get right, and get it together…I don’t need another World Series Ring. I need a team I like, and is fun to watch. And right now, they are not really fun to watch…

    Neato stat: Last night John Lackey and Koji combined for 14 strikeouts and no walks. That has only happened ONE other time in the last 100 years. In 1999, when a Red Sox pitcher named Pedro Martinez pitched a complete game win at Skankee Stadium, while striking out 17….

    Coming up: The rubber match of this 3 game series against the Skanks, and the Sox will not be seeing them until the last week of JUNE…Whoo Hoo! Felix Doubront, hoping for his 2nd win of the season, takes the bump tonight against CC Sabathia, who gave the Sox their only other victory against the Skanks before last night. Let’s hope his struggles continue. 1st pitch 7:10pm….

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