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  • April 5th, 2014

    April 05, 2014: Book Review: The Devil’s Snake Curve: A Fan’s Notes from Left Field, by Josh Ostergaard

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:54 am in Baseball,Book Reviews Comment (1)

    Baseball can be a very funny sport. As many of us are fond of saying, “Its baseball, anything can happen–and usually does” We have all heard the stories of the player who went on the DL because he fell out of bed and hurt himself, or how a team can have the best record in baseball for months, and then crazy and burn the final weeks of the season. Baseball is a million and one stories weaved into the fabric of hte sport, which makes it both universal and highly personal for each fan.

    A lifelong KC Royals Fan, and hater of the Yankees, Joel Ostergaard weaves a tale intertwining personal experiences, pop culture, politics, and quirks of our national pastime. While The Devil’s Snake Curve is a more subjective study of the sport, and how it applies to the life and times of US History, it provides a thoughtful alternate perspective on how much influence baseball has…

    My favorite story is about Willard Nixon, who pitched for the Sox from 1950-58. His #1 skill? Being able to forge Ted Williams’ signature, so he signed all the baseballs for Ted during the span. His other? Beating the Yankees. Between 1951 and 1954 he beat the Yankees every time he pitched against them. He was so good in fact that when Billy Martin broke up a not hitter Nixon was throwing against the Yankees, Yankee fans actually BOOED Billy Martin! This is how much respect the fans had for this pitcher. This RED SOX pitcher, who had a lifetime W-L record of 69-72, and an ERA of 4.39…

    Funny, off the beaten path, and fun to read, The Devil’s Snake Curve is the perfect book for anyone who likes their baseball a little bit different, enjoys irreverent humor, or really hate the Yankees–Check it out!


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      Boston Red ThoughtsApril 05, 2014: Book Review: The Devil?s Snake Curve: A Fan?s Notes from Left Field, by Josh Ostergaard | Boston Red Thoughts

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