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  • March 25th, 2014

    March 25, 2014:

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:59 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Alright, ENOUGH already!

    The Sox currently have an 8-15 grapefruit league record, and I KNOW that shouldn’t bother me, as they ended up with a .500 record in Spring Training LAST year, and everything ended up pretty ok for them. But it still aggravates the snot out of me every time I get a text that says “Sox have been defeated by X…”

    And despite the fact the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks played a couple of games Down Under, I refuse to consider that the beginning of hte baseball season. Which is Monday, when the Sox take the field at Camden Yards and the first pitch is thrown by Chris Tillman of the Baltimore Orioles at 3:05pm? THAT’S Opening Day. And if you are the gambling type, you can check out Sportbet.com for the latest MLB lines and odds

    So David Ortiz has gotten his wish for a contract extension, a 1 year deal for 2015 worth $16 million. And there is also a club option for 2016 which vests on plate appearances, and one for 2017 which is just a straight club option. OK, so he is locked up, potentially, for the next 4 years, or until he is 41 years old. Will this be enough? Or will we heard whining about “respect” at some point in the future? Or can we stop talking about this now?

    And the understatement of Spring Training Award goes to David Ortiz for: “I guess you guys get tired of me talking about contract all the time.” Wow, Large Father, Ya THINK?

    So maybe now the Sox can get something done with Jon Lester, so we don’t have to talk about ANY contract stuff this season. THAT would be a nice change of pace…

    So when Tiger’s shortstop Jose Inglesias came up lame with stress fractures in BOTH legs, and will be out for the season, mine (and just about everyone’s else’s) guess was that Stephen Drew, STILL unsigned, would be the first person Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski would call. Guess not. Old friend Alex Gonzales was traded by the Oreos to the Tigers and will play shortstop for the ball club. So Stephen Drew continues to sit at home, with 6 days until Opening Day. If I were Stephen Drew, I would be throat punching Scott Boras right about now…

    And while the Grady Sizemore/Jackie Bradley, Jr. debate continues to, and will until the Sox make a decision one way or the other. It really looks like Grady is going to be ready to go for Opening Day. He is hitting and playing well, much better that was expected of a player who hasn’t in almost 2 years. He is also play consecutive days, and will be playing 3 days in a row starting today. Maybe he will last a whole season, maybe he won’t, but while he is healthy and productive, let him do the job, and give Jackie Bradley more time to develop in Pawtucket. He WILL be the starting centerfielder for the Boston Red Sox, probably sooner rather than later, but shouldn’t the Sox take advantage of the veteran while they can?

    And the cuts continue, with catcher Daniel Butler, and pitchers Rich Hill, Jon Ely, and Dalier Hinojosa, were all assigned to minor league camp. This leaves 35 players currently left, so John Farrell has a week to knock 10 off that number.

    Neato stat: The Red Sox currently have 5 catchers on the 40-man. FIVE. A.J. Pierzynski

    David Ross, Dan Butler, Ryan Lavarnway and Christian Vazquez. And every one of them can play in the bigs. That is completely cool–and completely crazy. 5 catchers? Who does that?

    Coming up: The Sox have 5 more games in the Grapefruit League, including the last 3 against the Twins. Then an off-day on Sunday before their first real game of the 2014 Campaign on Monday, March 31st…

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