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  • January 15th, 2014

    January 15, 2014:
    One. More. Month…

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:21 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    Woke up this morning to a scene that looked more like Silent Hill than NE Pennsylvania. Baseball seems SO very far away…

    Not much going on in the Nation in terms of signings and the like; the arbitration boys filed (Badenhop, Carp, Herrera, Miller, and Tazawa), and now the Sox have until Friday to exchange their concept of how they feel each player is worth. Since the Sox haven’t made it to an arbitration hearing since 2002, confidence is high that its not happening this year either…

    So A-Fraud got 162 game suspension–49 less than the original. Wish it was more. BUT, what is even more fun than the whole “we dont have to see Slappy McBlue Lips on the field for the whole of 2014 (and if the Skanks make it to the postseason, the suspension extends to that as well…) is the fact that he is now suing EVERYONE. Including the Players Union. Way to completely alienate the only group that was even remotely behind you…Jackass…

    So, will a full season suspension, that gets the Skanks off the hook for about $22 of the 25 million they would have had to pay him for the 2014 campaign. Some people are kinda freaking out about that, saying that this frees them up for all kinds of madness. I don’t really think it does. Yes, $25 million is a chunk of change I cannot even FATHOM having for a lifetime, never mind as a YEAR’S salary, but the Skanks have some VERY desperate needs (ie: starting pitching) and they were going to throw a buttload of money at that problem anyway…I just don’t this this is a game changer…

    But you know who is? Xander Bogaerts, who was just named top SS prospect in the game by Major League Baseball last week. I expect he will be the Sox everyday shortstop in 2014, which will be a refreshing change, as we have had quite the revolving door there since Nomar left in 2004…Ben Cherington weighs in on the rookie: “I mean, he certainly looks like he’s ready to play in the big leagues. We’ve obviously thought very highly of him for a long time. You don’t know exactly when the stage is going to arrive, but he looked very comfortable on it when he got on it. We’re glad he’s on our side.” In 84 AB’s in 2013 (34 of them during the postseason), Xander hit .273 with a .366 OBP…

    And speaking of shortstops…In case you were wondering, that miraculous 3-year deal elsewhere for Stephen Drew has not materialized, and there is no buzz that this is one on the horizon–Would not be the least bit surprised if the Sox offer him a 1-year deal, and he ends up back with the Sox.We’ll see…

    Coming up next week on Tuesday, January 21st, is the Hot Stove Cool Music Roundtable, to be held at the Fenway Park State Street Pavilion. With a panel including of Ben Cherington, John Farrell, Red Sox Assistant GM Mike Hazen, Boston Globe’s Bob Ryan, and many more, with moderation by Peter Gammons, its a definitely going to be a great evening of baseball. Benefiting the Foundation to be Named Later, tickets at $150, and can be purchased here

    Coming up: 80 Day until Opening Day…UGH…

    2 Responses to “January 15, 2014:
    One. More. Month…”

    1. Jamie from Gardner says:

      Freeing up Arod’s salary minus off days is really not a viable signing option. While the 22 or so million is off the table this year, currently at this time he is expected back with the club for 2015 and anything they spent on a FA would be now compounded.

      The only way it becomes a wash is if they signed a handful of one year deals, which do little to help the club beyond one season as a bandaid.

      IMO the Yankees keep him on the team officially through the suspension, save the $22M and then release him from his deal with a $50m buyout. Which I believe will still affect their cap number.

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      Boston Red ThoughtsJanuary 15, 2014: One. More. Month? | Boston Red Thoughts

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