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  • December 16th, 2013

    December 16, 2013:
    Oh, yeah, it’s gonna be random…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:53 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Random Red Thoughts 9 days before Christmas, all while trying to juggle the holidays, a toddler, Grad Level Statistics, a Full-time job, Home Improvement projects, and the “normal” day in the life stuff of a Red-headed Red Sox fan living in Yankeeland…All the while drinking caffeine like it’s my job…

    Yeah, this is gonna be fun…

    Jake, Part 1: So Jacoby Ellsbury took out a full page ad in the Globe, thanking the fans. Why is this a surprise? Everyone does it. And why are people cranky about it? I truly believe Jake is happy with the time he spent here; Hell, he leaves with TWO rings–who wouldn’t be? But he wanted the big bucks–having Scott Boras as his agent make that very clear a long time ago. And he got them–because the Skanks were stupid enough to sign him to a contract that is probably about 2-3 years too long and about $50-60 million too much. But hey, that’s what he wanted, and even if none of us can ever hope to understand how much actually money that is (I won’t make $153 million in a HUNDRED lifetimes…), you got to give him props for getting it…

    Jake, Park 2: So he had his presser this weekend, where he stated he was “proud to be a New York Yankee”, and people are cranky about THAT. Honestly, what did you expect him to say? That he thinks they suck? And at least he didn’t do what Johnny Damon did, with his whole loving the “yankeee way” nonsense…and like I have said before…Jake is much more circumspect than Skeezy Bastard–so hopefully the nonsense will be limited…

    During the Winter Meetings last week, the Sox signed former Cardinals closer Edward Mujica. While he is no replacement for Koji, who was astonishing in 2013, the reality is Koji will be 37 during the 2014 campaign, and he pitched more in relief than he ever did. Mujica was VERY effective with the Cards, giving them 37 saves, a 2-1 record, with a 2.38 ERA and a WHIP of 1.01. Oh, and he is 29 years old…

    And probably the BEST signing of this offseason for the Sox is resigning Mike Napoli. Honestly, as I said on Facebook last week. The boy bar hopped topless through the streets of Boston after the duck boat parade–how could he NOT come back? He signed a 2-year, $32 million deal, which ironically, will work out to be about $6 million better than what he would have made if he had signed the 3-year, $39 million deal last winter–the one that came to a screeching halt when his physical turned up hip necrosis. But his hips are actually BETTER than they were last year, he loves Boston, wants to play here, was a huge part of the driving force behind this World Series Champion ballclub–and the 23 homers, 92 RBI’s, and a .842 OPS certainly didn’t hurt..He weighed in after the signing: “It’s a great fit for me. This is where I want to stay and I want to work something out. I love playing here, everything about it.”

    Another signing that is right up there is Robinson Cano being signed to a completely stupid 10-year, 240 million deal with Seattle. I love it, cause I cannot STAND him. While he is a good 2nd baseman, he is LAZY, and I would choose Dustin Pedroia EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK over him. So now, the Sox will only face him about 6 times a year, as opposed to the 18-19 times they did when he played for the Skanks…

    And Pedroia seems to agree: “Couldn’t be happier for him and for us. We don’t have to face him 19 times a year.”

    The big news to come out of the winter meetings last week was the decision to reduce collisions at the plate. Catchers will no longer be allowed to block the plate, hoping to stop some of the injuries that come when the runner barrels in from home plate, and slams in to the catcher, hoping to score…UGH. While I get the protect the players angle, it’s the catchers JOB to keep the runner from scoring. Now what the hell is he supposed to do?

    Here’s a thought: Jon Lester’s 2014 option of $13 million was picked up recently, so the brouhaha will start about when (and if) the Sox will sign him to a big deal. If 2013′s performance continues–it’s a no brainer. But here is the thing: I think we all forget about, as it feels like Lester has been with the Sox for-EV-A: He will only be 30 years old during the 2014 campaign. 30.

    Finally, BBA‘er Russ from 85 Percent Sports, did a 5-part series on Managers. Definitely worth a look, some very good stuff here. You can read Part 1, here

    Coming up: Nothing major on the horizon until Truck Day, which is 54 days away… And it won’t come soon enough. We had about 8 inches of snow here in Northeastern PA this weekend, and baseball and the warm days of summer seem VERY far away…

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    Oh, yeah, it’s gonna be random…”

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