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  • November 25th, 2013

    November 25, 2013:
    Random Red Thoughts…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:37 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Some stuff from the thought locker while we wait for the Winter Meetings to start, and for the Sox to make a deal more interesting that Burke Badenhop trade…

    I mean, the Badenhop deal looks ok, another arm for the bullpen, he has been effective in both the AL and NL (Rays and Brewers), with an ERA under 4.00–If I had ever heard of him before, maybe it would be a bit more meaningful…He is eligible for arbitration, which doesn’t happen in Boston anymore, so he’ll probably get about $2 million, give or take. His salary for the 2013 campaign with the Brewers was $1.55 million…Luis Ortega, a 20-year old from the Dominican Republic was sent to the Brewers for Badenhop…

    And now our count downs can actually have meaning, as the Sox officially released their Spring Training Schedule for 2014…so we have some numbers for you:

    74: Truck Day! (February 8)

    81: Pitchers and Catchers (February 15)

    83: First Workout of the 2014 Campaign (February 17)

    84: Full squad reports (February 18)

    86: First Full Squad Workout of the 2014 Campaign (Feb 20)

    93: First Actual Games of 2014 (aka the massacring of the college kids)

    95: The First Spring Training Game of 2014

    And, as it happens when you get to the postseason, you get shares in the revenue. This compiled by taking a certain percentage of ticket sales from each of the post season contests: 50% from the Wild Card Games, and 60% from the 1st 3 games of the AL AND NLDS, the 1st 4 games of the AL and NLCS, and the 1st 4 games of the World Series…All 10 teams split the $62 million and change gathered this year, with the Sox getting the most (naturally) as World Series Champs: 58 Full shares (each full share for the Sox was worth $307,322.68), 15 partial shares, and 21 cash awards….in contrast, the Cardinal full share was only worth $228,300.17

    Ya know… I love David Ortiz. I do, and I am fully cognizant that the reason the Sox won the World Series is due in large part because of his bat and leadership. But I really hate when he starts with the contract stuff. Especially since when the Sox signed him to a 2-year contract at the beginning of 2013, it was agreed there would be no new negotiations until AFTER the current contract in place had ended. Over hte weekend, he has already started with the “I want to play for the Sox after 2014″. Yes. That is all well and good, but do you have to start this NOW???

    Was anyone else shocked about the Prince Fielder-and-cash-to-the-Rangers-for-Ian-Kinsler-trade? I know Fielder and Cabrera were ineffective in the ALCS against the Sox, but that is a pretty formidable hitting tandem. But apparently a lot of hte reason is to get Cabrera off 3rd base, because he kinda sucks there and back to 1st…

    And it’s that time a year again: Voting for the Hall of Famer Class. Ballots are out tomorrow., and there are some very interesting players on this ballot, most notably Greg Maddux, who, if he is not a 1st ballot player, there isn’t one anymore…Others include Jeff Kent, Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas, Tom Glavine, Mike Mussina. Hopefully they will fare better than the 2013 Class, as only players who have been dead a long time got in last year…

    And in honor of Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine being on the Class of 2014 ballot, I give you the Best. Commercial. Ever. Enjoy…

    Coming up: Holiday week, so probably nothing much going on, although we can reminisce about the Thanksgiving of 2002, where Theo Epstein had turkey dinner with Curt Schilling and family, and history was made…

    Oh, and 1 more number for you: 125. Opening Day, 2014.

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