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  • October 23rd, 2013

    October 23, 2013
    And So it begins…

    Posted by Christine E. at 3:09 pm in Baseball,BBBA,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Holy Buckets! It feels like we have been waiting for EV-A for baseball to begin again–and in about 4 hours, the event we have all been waiting for: the 109th World Series.

    And while I am anxious for the games to begin, I am not even that nervous about the games. Don’t get me wrong, I was the Sox to win with a fiery passion, but at this point, they are playing with house money. They have already given me everything I wanted for the 2013 Campaign: A team that plays the game the right way, doesn’t whine, are fun to watch, and won 83-85 games. It’s all gravy from here.

    No matter what happens, a Sox and Cards World Series is going to be GREAT baseball–and I am really looking forward to watching…

    Let’s hope I don’t fall asleep…

    Lester goes in game 1, then John Lackey in game 2 tomorrow night. Supposedly, That Clay Person is supposed to start in game 3 on Saturday in St. Louis, but there have been rumblings that he is dealing with some sort of physical issue that could cause that to change. I don’t think its a surprise to anyone that more than likely some of the reason he has been struggling is he is probably running out of gas. You can’t be off for 3 months and pitch a couple rehab games and be 100%. In any event, if he DOES start game 3, I think he is going to be on a very short leash. But if he can pitch, and give them 4-5 good innings, I think that is how it will go…

    Right now, John Farrell is saying that Clay is fine, and that he will be the game 3 starter, but who know if that is truth, or posturing?

    If you want to check out the podcast I did with fellow BBA‘er and writer over at the Cardinals Conclave (which is one of the COOLEST names EVER for a blog) Daniel Shoptaw, you can check it out here

    Finally, if you want to chat with some like-minded folks during the series, check out Live Baseball Chat, its a free site that allows you to chat real time with other baseball fans live. A dedicated chat room is started for each MLB game, 30 minutes before each game, and then closes 30 minutes after the game is finished.

    So if you want to not only chat with friends, but with fans from both teams from all over, check it out!

    Coming up: less than 4 hours to go. Lester vs Wainwright. 1st pitch: 8:07pm.

    Lets. Do. This.

    Go Sox!

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    And So it begins…”

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