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  • October 21st, 2013

    Red Sox 5, Tigers 2:
    We’re Goin’ to The Prom!!

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:29 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Holy Buckets..How on earth does a team go from worst in the AL East (and 3rd Worst in the AL) to the best record in the AL, AND winning the AL pennant–In. A. Year…

    And all I wanted was a team I could LIKE, enjoy to watch play, and win, oh, about 83-85 games in 2013.

    But then again, its baseball, and ANYTHING can happen..

    And of course, I am lying on my couch at 10:15pm on Saturday night, sick as a dog, feeling like hot death on a plate (and it was a crappy 1-ply paper plate, not even a nice Chinet one), and I couldn’t stand it anymore.

    So I went to bed…AGAIN. And…I missed it…AGAIN.

    When I woke up at 4:30am, my phone had pretty much exploded with the Text, Twitter, Facebook, and BonFyre messages that has come in since I had went to bed…

    Honestly, I need to knock this crap off and actually STAY awake, before I completely miss ALL the good stuff…

    And congratulations to Koji Uehara for winning the ALCS MVP–AS IF there was anyone else who even came close…I mean honestly, if there anything closer to a sure thing in baseball these days? For the 2013 campaign, including the postseason, in 49 appearances, he has a .925 success rate as a closer (25 out of 27 attempts), a 0.50 ERA, and has struck out 72–and walked 2 (yes TWO) in that span…and of course, he was the perfect mix of class and irreverence, something we have come to expect from Koji: “All the credit goes to the staff, to the players who supported me…”, and then when asked if he felt the pressure: “To tell you the truth, I almost threw up.” I LOVE that guy…

    Neato Stat: Shane Victorino joins Jim Thome as the only players in the history of baseball to hit 2 grand slams in postseason play.

    So the Sox will face the St. Louis Cardinals starting Wednesday night on FOX..yes, folks the trite and irrelevant opinions from Messrs. Buck and McCarver for yet ANOTHER series–although we can take heart that this is the LAST ONE EVER, as Tim McCarver is retiring after this season. Yay!!!

    While I very much want the Sox to win, at this point they are playing with house money, and I actually like the Cards–Good team, classy fans, and they are pretty evening matched for the Sox, so I think no matter what happens, it’s going to be good baseball..

    Speaking of, St Louis Blogger stlcupofjoe’s Sports Page, did a great post on Koji, that is a must read.. check it out!

    And my Prediction (’cause we all know how good I am at THOSE) is: Red Sox in 6.

    And what about Jim Leyland? He announced today that he is stepping down as the Manager of the Tigers after 8 Seasons. Citing “The fuel’s getting a little low” as the reason, he will be taking another position within the Tigers organization. In his 8 year tenure, he has a 700-597 record, and lead the team to 2 AL Pennants, and 3 AL Central titles in a row.

    This now leaves 5 ballclubs without a leader: the Tigers, the Mariners, the Reds, the Cubs, and the Nationals…

    Finally, Out of the Park Developments, creator of the best-selling baseball management game, OOTP, is running a World Series Special: You can get OOTP 14, for $19.99, and its Apple version, iOOTP 2013, for $0.99, through the end of the World Series. You can also get the season bundles for the iOOTP; the 10 historical season pack is $1.99, the all-in one is $14.99. You can order iOOTP Baseball 2013 here, and OOTP 14 here: For more info, check out their website

    Coming up: Another 48+ hours of no baseball, and then THE WORLD SERIES!!!!! YAY!!!

    Ahem… Sorry.

    Then the Sox and the Cards will get to it, for the last 4-7 games of baseball until Spring. First 2 games, Fenway Park, with Jon Lester (naturally) kicking off the 3rd series of this postseason, opposed by Adam Wainwright, who has been lights out this postseason (the the rest of the 2013 campaign for that matter–to the tune of 19-2, with a 2.94 ERA). 1st pitch: 8:07pm…

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