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  • October 10th, 2013

    October 10, 2013:
    Two More Days…

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:27 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    While finishing up early (although not as early as I would have liked–Game 4 was annoying as crap) has its advantages: Getting rest for guys who are dinged up, getting the rotation lined up just the way John Farrell wants it, etc etc. It sucks when you are a fan, and you are waiting for baseball to start again, and waiting for your opponent to beat the other guy so you can figure out who the hell you are playing on Saturday night…

    But the alternative (waiting MONTHS) is worse, so we wait…

    Tonight Detroit and Oakland play Game 5 for all the marbles, and whomever wins will face the Sox at Fenway on Saturday night.

    As expected, St. Louis trounced the Pittsburgh Pirates to advance to the NLCS, and they will face the Dodgers starting Friday night.

    I know it’s a bit early, and we are still missing a final team, but let’s look at potential World Series Matchups, since we have some time to kill…


    Its St Louis vs the Dodgers for the National League and…

    It’s the Red Sox vs either Oakland or Detroit for the American League.

    Of course, there are 4 possible outcomes (or will be after tonight), and here are my thoughts on each. Of course, any option including the Red Sox is a good one, but I would MUCH rather it be St, Louis, rather than the Dodgers. I like St Louis; I think it would be a great matchup, and a good series. The Dodgers have too many whiny babies, and I know this, ’cause they were whiny babies when they played for the Red Sox, and I reallyREALLY don’t want a World Series where all we hear about is how WRONGED they were by playing in Boston, nor do I want all the baggage that comes with playing a team with former players who whine ALL THE TIME…

    Ahem. OK. Moving on…

    So the other options are obviously non-Red Sox, which is always a possibility (I just hope not). So if it’s not the Sox, its Oakland/Detroit vs St. Louis, or Oakland/Detroit vs Dodgers.

    If it was the St. Louis option, I would certainly be rooting for them, as I like them much better than I like Oakland/Detroit. But I am not sure how much of the series I would actually watch, as I wouldn’t have any vested interest in the outcome.

    But I’ll tell you this: A Dodgers vs Oakland/Detroit outcome definitely qualifies as the World Series of Boring, and while I would hope the AL Team would CRUSH the Dodgers (for the same reasons I want the Sox to), I really wouldn’t care that much, and would probably watch very little, if any of THAT series…

    Coming up: Oakland and Detroit Thunder-dome it tonight, with the winner facing the Sox at some point on Saturday. Justin Verlander gets the nod in the contest, opposed by Sonny Gray for Oakland. 1st pitch 8:07pm…If nothing else, it should be interesting..

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    Two More Days…”

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