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  • October 3rd, 2013

    Tampa Bay 4, Cleveland 0:
    Well, THAT was disappointing.

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:09 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    While I MUCH rather be facing Tampa Bay (who the Sox did very well against during the regular season), I am disappointed Terry Francona’s boys didn’t put up more of a fight, after scratching and clawing their way to the postseason. I mean, really? They won their last 10 games of the season, and were 21-6 in September, and this is the best they could do?

    And I am sorry for my Dad, who just wants to see them win a World Series Ring, since they haven’t since 1948–when he was 3…

    And speaking of, the guys over at Did The Tribe Win Last Night/1948 are chronicling the 1948 season all winter long, so that’s something definitely worth checking out…

    So, The Dance begins tomorrow afternoon, against Tampa Bay, with Jon Lester getting the start in Game 1. The Sox are 12-7 against the Rays for the regular season, but everyone knows it’s anybody’s ballgame in a short series…

    But, as my prognostication skills are legend (heh…) I guess it’s time to throw my hat in the ring with regard to my predictions for the Division Series…

    ALDS #1: Sox vs Tampa Bay: Sox in 4

    ALDS #2: Tigers vs Oakland: Tigers in 5

    I think the Tigers are going to be a big problem–for everyone. They have great hitting, and great pitching, and despite the fact that the Sox took the last series against Detroit, I would much rather face Oakland in the ALCS…

    NLDS #1: St Louis vs Pittsburgh: St Louis in 5. Although the Bucs are a REALLY compelling story this year, pretty much pulling a Red Sox move, after being 79-83 in 2012, and then 94-68 in 2013…

    If anyone is, the Pirates might be “that team” who is going to mow down everyone to win their first WS in like a BILLION YEARS (OK, it’s not a billion, its only 34–1979 against Baltimore…)

    NLDS #2: Dodgers vs Braves: Braves in 5. Ok, this is more wishful thinking because I fracking hate the Dodgers, and don’t want to hear about all the brouhaha that would come with the Sox and the Dodgers in the World Series…and I seriously want to punch the whiny twins Adrian Gonzales and Carl Crawford–so there is that….

    And yeah I know–The Sox even getting out of the ALDS is certainly not a foregone conclusion–although I really like their chances…

    Oh, and the people who are talking that this ALDS is the way to “avenge” the 2008 ALCS–SHUT. IT. NOW… They won fair and square, in 7 games, just like the Sox did in 2004 and 2007…

    Finally, Dale Sveum was fired earlier this week as Manager of the Cubs. Remember when he was Ben Cherington’s pick for last year, before King Larry chose Bobby Valentine? UGH. Honestly, like I mentioned on FB, he couldn’t coach 3rd base, how the HELL did Theo think he could actually manage a WHOLE TEAM??

    Coming up: Game 1 of the ALDS, Best of 5, with Jon Lester getting the start in Game 1, John Lackey in Game 2. Friday’s game, Lester is opposed by Matt Moore, Lackey by someone yet to be named.. First pitch in Game 1 3:07 pm, Game 2, 5:37.

    So how come the best team in the AL doesn’t get a better time slot?–although I guess I shouldn’t bitch: The start times on the Tigers/A’s games are 9:07 and 9:37pm, respectively. And YEAH, if the Sox have to play Oakland the ALCS would be like middle of the night games, as they are left-coasters…OH CRAP…

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    Well, THAT was disappointing.”

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