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  • Archive for September, 2013

    Red Sox 2, Tigers 1:
    And this is why they play 162…

    Holy Buckets! I have to admit, that, with how inconsistent Jon Lester has been, and how GREAT Max Scherzer has been (19-2, with a 2.88 ERA in 28 starts this year), coupled with the vaunted Tigers offense, I thought this was gonna get ugly. But then again, my little girl had her first haircut yesterday, […]

    Red Sox 0, Tigers 3:
    The Role of Tim Wakefield will now be played by…

    John Lackey… Ya know how every year, there seems to be one pitcher that is a better pitcher than his record indicates. They will give the Sox a quality outing, but the offense will put up little or no run support. In recent history it was often Tim Wakefield, and this year’s permutation is John […]

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