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  • September 22nd, 2013

    September 22, 2013:
    The 1948 Season Begins Today!

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:10 am in Baseball,BBBA,Red Sox No Comments

    Fellow BBA‘er Mike From Did The Tribe Win Last Night will be kicking off a VERY cool and ambitious project today: Recreating a day by day accounting of the 1948 Season–the last time the Indians won a World Series, by beating the Boston Braves in 6 games…

    And as part of that, Boston Red Thoughts will be posting some relevant articles throughout the “season” on the corresponding day that Cleveland played the Red Sox in 1948. This project also has a personal angle for me, as my Dad is a lifelong Cleveland Indians Fan, who fondest wish is for them to win another World Series in his lifetime (he was 5 the last time it happened.)

    So, beginning today, September 22nd, and continuing through March 20th, 2014, Did The Tribe Win Last Night 1948 will provide a day-by-day recounting of the 1948 Cleveland Indians season, written by their staff as breaking news, based off published reports of the day from the Cleveland Press, Plain Dealer and other references. It starts with April 18, 1948, with Bob Feller taking the mound two days later against the St. Louis Browns at Cleveland Municipal Stadium, and the season will be off and running.

    Did The Tribe Win Last Night 1948 will report 1948 news on this site as if it is happening live, including through Twitter handles (@didtribewin1948, @Lou_Boudreau, @Bob_Feller19, @Bob_Lemon21, @Ken_Keltner6 and @RChristopher48) that will provide in-game updates, player profiles and interaction with the intent to bring the day-to-day stories of the 1948 season back to life.

    All information and news reported on Did The Tribe Win Last Night 1948 is believed to be accurate and correct from their research. However, they have made a couple of revisions in an attempt to modernize and be politically correct in our current society. In 1948, the Indians were often referred to as “Redskins,” in newspaper accounts. They’ve elected to refer to them as the Indians, or as we do in the modern day, the Tribe. The same modernization is true for descriptions of Larry Doby and Satchel Paige. Newspapers often referred to them as Negros, however, they have elected to use African-American when mention or discussion of race is necessary.

    This is a must read for any Cleveland Indians fan, or any student of hte game. So visit early and often, and get caught up in the magic that was 1948–And for the first time in the lives of many Cleveland Fans, they will get to experience a World Series Parade. Check it out!

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